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Mr. Murlidhar S, CEO and Co-founder of Merittrac

Murlidhar is the CEO of MeritTrac Services Pvt Ltd - India's largest testing and assessment company. Murlidhar is a successful new age entrepreneur who has used his professional training and corporate experience to create a unique business venture in the area of assessments which in 2000 was an unknown area of business. Murlidhar is a Mechanical Engineer from NIT Surathkal and an MBA from IIM Lucknow.

Prior to starting MeritTrac he has had successful stints with leading companies like L&T, Asian Paints and 3M. Murlidhar is a charter member of TiE Bangalore and is actively involved in mentoring and supporting entrepreneurs. He has been featured in various articles and books on entrepreneurship and business. He was featured in "The Fresh Brew", a book that showcased the entrepreneurial journey of 25 alumni from his alma mater - IIM Lucknow. Murlidhar is also a sought-after speaker who has shared valuable insights in numerous national and international conferences on topics related to assessments, entrepreneurship etc. Apart from Assessments and Entrepreneurship, Murlidhar has an avid interest in ancient history.

Beyond Teaching CEO, Anirudh Phadke, did an interview with Murlidhar S, and realized that there is much more to Merittrac than assessments. In this over-the-Skype interview, Murlidhar shared this journey of setting up the organization from scratch, the core ideas and the implementation challenges.

He also spoke about how the education scenario will get impacted in the years to come with the advent of technology and how teachers can and must gear up for the inevitable change.

Ms. Surbhi Bhagat, Exec Director, UnivExcellence

In this interview with the young entrepreneur, our CEO, Anirudh Phadke confirmed his belief that the youth will bring forward the necessary change in the Indian education space. Surbhi talks about the phase of her IITJEE preparation that triggered the idea for her future venture. At an age when others think of a cushioned job, she took on her idea and converted it into a well-executed project. She has a vision of providing affordable education to students across the country irrespective of their location and financial reach.

Beyond Teaching salutes the spirit behind UnivExcellence and wishes the team the best in future. Efforts like this will go a long way in changing the face of our nation.

Mr. Shailendra Mishra, well known Tabla player, Hirendra Kumar Ganguli Awardee from State Music Academy of West Bengal

Shailendra Mishra A teacher is not just the one who teaches regular academic subjects in school or colleges. A teacher is anyone who teaches us in some way or the other. A mother is a child's first teacher. Similarly, there are so many courses and activities through which the personality of a student is influenced in a positive way. One such activity is learning music. Any student of music needs an able guru to take him/ her through the musical journey. A music teacher is the one who instructs individuals or groups in vocal or instrumental music and fosters music appreciation.

We have taken an email interview with one of the eminent personalities in the field of Music, Mr. Shailendra Mishra. He has contributed a lot in this field for which he had been awarded with many recognitions in India and abroad. Mr. Mishra has a Master's Degree in Music (percussion) and is an 'A' Grade artist of 'All India Radio' (AIR) and Doordarshan. He is a well-known Tabla player with high regard in the music field. His association with the stalwarts of music and teaching experience of more than 17 years has given him a unique place in the world of music. He represents both Banaras and Farrukkhabad Gharanas. He has been awarded the Hirendra Kumar Ganguli Award from State Music Academy of West Bengal. Visit his website at

In this email interview, he addresses some of the concerns about education system and some issues specific to teaching music in a setup focused on academic subjects. Click here to read the complete interview.