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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

About Verification of Identity as a teacher

About the working of Beyond Teaching model

About growth and working of a group

About Verification of Identity as a teacher:

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  1. Why do I need to verify my identity as a teacher?

    On most social networking sites like Facebook, you have to be very careful about what you post as your students could also be viewing your comments. Beyond Teaching is an exclusive portal for teachers, and we give you complete control on what gets viewed by your students. This helps our members to express views openly, without worrying about the age-appropriateness of the content. We take this very seriously, and to ensure this sanctity, we ask our members to confirm to us that they are really teachers as claimed.
  2. How do I verify my identity?

    There are four simple ways to verify your identity:
    a) Email us a scanned copy of the I-Card issued by your institution.
    b) Email us the landline phone number of your institution, where we will call and confirm your employment.
    c) Email us from your official email-id with the subject line "Verification of my identity".
    d) Email us the webpage address of your official website which mentions your name as a member of the institution.

    If your confirmation doesn't happen within 15 days of your registration, your login will be automatically suspended.

  3. If I am a tutor doing private tuitions at home, how do I verify my identity?

    If you are a private tutor, you can submit details about your occupation like Name of the tuition centre (if there is a brand name that you use, or your own name), subjects and grades taught, number of students taught and contact details (Name, phone and Email-id) of 5 students whom we can contact to verify your identity.

    If you are employed with a tuition/ coaching centre, you can submit proof of your employment using any of the four ways mentioned earlier.

  4. I am not working as a teacher now, but I was a teacher five years back, and I still consider myself a teacher. Am I eligible to be a member, and how do I verify my Identity?

    If you had been working as a teacher earlier for at least 2 years, we consider you as a lifelong teacher, even though you may not be teaching currently. You are welcome to join the group, and you may again verify your identity through your previous employer.

About the working of Beyond Teaching model:

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  1. Are students allowed to be a part of the group?

    Students form an integral part of our group. You can't be a teacher, unless you have students to teach! The essence of Beyond Teaching is to bring social transformation through you as a teacher. And this can only happen if you have "student-followers".

  2. If they are also a part of Beyond Teaching, how do the students benefit?

    Students are always in search of advice that can be non-academic in nature. For this advice, they go to various sources like friends, career counselors, admission agents, and, of course, the internet. Beyond Teaching strives to bring the students to you, their most trusted guide. For this purpose, we try to provide you with all the information that they would find useful, like a daily update about the education and career world, or possible career options for an individual based on his/ her own competency, interest and personality type, or even tools to suggest the right path.

    Eventually, a student will find value in getting this information and follow the next steps through you. This relationship will continue, not only till the student's academic life, but beyond it too, when he/ she seeks advice in making critical career choices.

  3. How does a teacher benefit?

    A teacher, by way of becoming a life-long guide to the student, benefits from all that the student does in getting to his/ her goals. For instance, if the student is seeking admission in a college, you can become a medium for this process. Once we setup the college forms application on our website, your student can simply apply online to the colleges. A significant part of the proceeds from the sale of those forms goes into your account. Further, when the student actually enrolls into the college course, a part of the funds that the college gives for such student admissions is again diverted into your account. We are devising a point system that keeps track of all the benefits that accrue to you from different activities like your activeness on the site, number of members in your group, forms bought by your student-followers etc. You will be able to redeem these points in exchange for self-development programs, seminars, or even products and services related to the teaching profession.

  4. Can a teacher earn money at Beyond Teaching?

    Yes, there will be some applications that will be added in the near future. We will update you on these applications as these are deployed. However, your points accumulated are not converted into pure monetary incentives. In fact, to discourage you to directly sell services or products like forms to students, we will not disclose the details of the transaction that gets converted into your points. This is done to maintain the purity of intent behind your advice to students.

  5. What are the different levels (Classic, Star and International) of membership?

    The initial status for any new teacher on the site is that of a Classic Member of Beyond Teaching. As a Classic Member, you will:
    a) Receive updates about the education-related happenings around the world. You will be able to pass on these updates to your student followers.
    b) Get Job Alerts from educational institutions around the world to help you explore a change in your career.
    c) Be a part of the social change that Beyond Teaching stands for. As a teacher, you have a great responsibility to spread the word among today's young generation. You will be able to discuss such issues with the fellow teachers and share your experiences.

    Star Member:

    The next level is that of a Star Member. As a Star member, you will get the following benefits in addition to those for a Classic Member:
    a) BT Star Mentor Certificate
    b) Facility to sell College Forms and earn what an admission agent normally does. Please note that we don't want you to endorse any specific college, but we simply want you to be rewarded for what your students will do anyways.
    c) Diagnosing a child's inherent talent to suit a career choice- MyTalent
    d) Invitation to educational seminars in your city

    What do you need to do to become a Star Member?

    a) Spread the message by inviting 5 other teachers into your network.
    b) Add 50 student-followers to your network so that they can benefit from your knowledge.
    c) Ensure that your profile is at least 80% complete.
    d) Follow 5 Universities of your choice from our list. This will keep you updated about the campus updates from these institutions.

    International Member:

    The final membership level is that of an International Member. As an International member, you will get the following benefit in addition to those for a Star Member:
    a) Free educational visit abroad to an international university.

    What do you need to do to become an International Member?

    a) Spread the message by inviting 10 other teachers into your network.
    b) Add 200 student-followers to your network so that they can benefit from your knowledge.
    c) Ensure that your profile is 100% complete.

  6. How does a teacher become eligible for a foreign educational tour?

    Only an International Member is eligible for a foreign educational tour. Once a teacher attains this membership status, the accumulated points and the history of the teacher will determine the opportunities of going abroad to attend educational seminars and conferences.

  7. Who pays for a teacher's educational tour, domestic or international?

    Sponsorships from educational institutions, vendors of educational products and proceeds from sales of career-related services like admission forms are pooled into a Common Teacher Fund. This fund is then used to pay for a teacher's educational tour.

About growth and working of a group:

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  1. Why should I grow my group?

    Beyond Teaching aims to benefit the students via teachers. Unless a teacher has a group that constitutes of peers, colleagues and students, the benefit will never pass on. Moreover, the group size and activity contributes to a teacher's points.

  2. How do I invite my contacts from my email/ social networking accounts?

    To make it easy for you to add your contacts to your group, we provided simple ways to invite them. Please click on My Group (on the left panel of your homepage) and then expand your group to start inviting your contacts as below:
    a) Find your Friends in the BT Network: This tool lets you search for fellow teachers and students by their names, institutions and/ or city.
    b) Invite Fellow Teachers by Email: You can use this tool to invite all your fellow teachers by simply entering their Email-ids (separated by commas).
    c) Invite your students by Email: You can use this tool to invite all your students by simply entering their Email-ids (separated by commas).
    d) Import contacts from your Email and Social Networking accounts: You can import all your contacts by entering your username and password. Our secure system will show you all the contacts and then allow you to choose some or all of them for sending the invitations. Your login information is never exposed to our site or anywhere else.

  3. How do I communicate with my group?

    There are 3 ways of communication with other members of the community:
    a) You can send a private message to any of the contacts in your group. You can also reply to any private message sent to you.
    b) A teacher can forward any edu-update to his/ her student-followers and have a discussion with them exclusively. These discussion threads will not be visible to any other teacher or student outside the group.
    c) A teacher can participate in discussions with other teachers on an edu-update, but these discussions will not be visible to any students.