Can Learning Be Both Innovative and Value Based?


A Seminar on the topic "Can learning be both innovative and value based?", was organized at school on 25th June 2012. The aim of this seminar was to focus on the sharing of experiences by the teachers which can enlighten the teachers in teaching and learning. Many ideas were discussed and shared. CVP(Chinmaya Vision Programme) was focused and linked with each discussion.

Presentations were made by Mrs. Manju Rawat, Ms. ShikhaDixit , Mrs. Ajita Bose and Mr. H.K.Behera. The main discussion was on the topic "Can it be possible to mix both Innovations and Values in our Teaching-learning process?" From their experiences all the above teachers shared their views.

Mrs Manju Rawat, PGT in English said that values derived from natural phenomenon of rain that how nature is in communion with its component. She also highlighted on the role of Edutainment (education+entertainment) in education which is the go of the present method of teaching. According to her, 'thought philosophy and spirituality must be trained to the students in a scientific process instead of mere boring lecture'.

Ms Sikha Dixit, Teacher in Maths focused on the application of Maths in our daily life to solve our social problems. She gave importance in giving values through activity based teaching at primary level. She also said that framing of questions in Maths should be based on environmental and social problems to bring the attention of students towards social problems and its solutions.

Mrs Ajeeta Bose, teacher in English made an activity for the teachers by giving a piece of paper and a pencil. Each teacher has to write anything from their innovative mind. She highlighted the bond between students and teachers which should be of values that makes the teaching automatic. She said,'Values must prevail among both students and teachers in their thought, action-in every talk, walk and behavior. Life is a journey where learning is a lifelong process'.

Mr. H.K Behera highlighted the three principles of a Teacher such as teaching, be an example and influence. He emphasized the importance of teaching methodology like Group based teaching, Quizzing, Cooperative learning, using teaching aids, making subject blogs and students' sharing which can be entangled with values. He also took a short quiz on "Chinmaya Vision Programme".

Thus, overall this was a very good session of sharing our knowledge from our past experiences which enlightened all teachers with new methods and updated us with new techniques to follow in the future teaching and learning session.

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