Managing work-life balance: A healthy lifestyle for teachers


Managing work with the busy lifestyle can be a challenge in itself in almost every profession. Teaching is one profession wherein the responsibility never really ends with the working hours. Teachers are often found taking their work home which ultimately leads to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Some handy tips for the teachers

1. Replace hard work with smart work: Segregate your daily tasks on the basis of their level of priority. Prioritize your work to ensure that you’re not taking any high priority work home at the end of the day.

2. Taking logical breaks: It’s easy to go hard on yourself. People pleasers often go an extra mile at work, ignoring their personal life completely. Professionals find it very hard to say no when it comes to work. Taking a break between classes, going for a walk around the block, or even talking to the students might work for you. These breaks will not only work as stress busters, but will also ultimately increase your productivity.

3. Learn to celebrate: We work too hard for our goals but never really celebrate once we achieve them. It is important to acknowledge your hard work and celebrate your accomplishments. The sense of accomplishment in celebrations will only motivate you to set new goals and achieve them.

4. Life outside the classroom: It is important in every profession to connect with the co-workers or people around you. Teachers must make it a point to develop a life outside their classroom as well and try to connect with the students, staff, etc.

5. Take out time for yourself: Investing in your personal development can turn out to be very helpful in your professional life too. We must constantly work on ourselves and try to develop new skills. Stay updated on the latest research on education, read more, or develop a hobby. Attend conferences or meeting which interest you and expand your knowledge and network with other educationalists.

Teachers manage huge responsibilities and deserve to be kind to themselves. The stress of job satisfaction and performance at work needs to be addressed. Setting unreal expectations is never a good idea for the personal as well as professional life. It’s only fair to say that teachers work too hard for the growth and development of their students and it’s time they also paid attention to their work-life balance. A healthier, happier teacher will always be more productive and effective at work.

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