Meditation For Quality Education


If food is to body, meditation is to mind. Time runs. We short out so many problems in the field of education which are very difficult to coup up. The problem may be of child, teacher, subject, classroom or authority- there is only one panacea i.e. meditation. Meditation must be the song or habit of life.

Need of Meditation for Educators

Think the situation when a child doesn't control his mind and becomes aggressive to his friends, when a teacher is overloaded and torture the children out of frustration, when children in the classroom shout uncontrolled of themselves and loose reputation, when a subject is defamed out of the lack of concentration both by children and teacher, when the authority gives justice without understanding the problem of anyone-children, teachers or the school. All these problems are neck to neck and need solution in proper. As all these problems have their origin from the mind because of lack of concentration and control, the solution undoubtedly is given as 'Meditation'.

When I start my every class with 1 minute meditation the uncontrolled and biased children becomes controlled and they start my subject 'History' to read with full swing. What's that miracle happen through meditation so that the uncontrolled children become silent and prepare themselves for the class? The logic behind is here meditation is a gap filler, a transition to start something new in their mind. Think the situation when a class runs with 7 to 8 periods uninterruptedly one by one-a teacher completes one subject teaching and when the mind is already in one world that may be physics or math, another teacher rushes with his subject and declares to be silent and maintain discipline to be ready for the page no. so and so of English or geography. Here, between classes, 1 or 2 minutes must be the gap-to do some activity beyond the study of subject. This may be utilized by a small story, song, or jokes. But after every period, telling a story, joke or singing song is a difficult task for a teacher. That's why the solution is 'meditation'.

Meditation is the Process to retain the Power of Mind

Meditation is the process to retain the power of mind very quickly and making our mind an equilibrium one. Simply if the children sitting quietly by closing their eyes and give attention to the flow of their breathing process by sitting or listen the music of heart within is a kind of meditation. The logic is that we are uncontrolled and imbalanced outside but once we go inside and watch and connect our mind to the inner world of silence and balance then we become fresh just like earlier.

It may be subjective plan of the teacher or children or the administrative plan of the authority, if they meditate their mind for some time and start planning then the work becomes different and creative. Within us lies the 'Divine Energy', continuous flow of soul power. Even, if an aggressive person comes to take a deep in to his heart for sometimes, he feels some changes. Spirituality and education must be combined so that we will get joy and happiness while dealing with education. A fresh mind is always a prepared mind which is ready for learning. Think the enlightened situation when children are ever ready to learn something with discipline and teachers are prepared to give something innovative.

Meditation helps to Maintain Discipline

In schools everywhere, we listen the shout, punishment and counseling for 'Discipline'. But we don't know and even try to understand that the very word 'Discipline' is all about the work of inner mind. Punishment and scolding are nothing but the unnecessary go of the school. If a child is silent and disciplined from inside then there is no need of controlling them from outside. There must be norms in the school to hold Yoga and Meditation classes so that the children can know what inner discipline is. The school will be a heaven if the children know the technique of how to control their mind through the practice of meditation. Because the perfection of human activities is depend upon his discipline of mind and nothing else. If you are able to conquer your mind then you can conquer the whole world.

Accept & Apply the Benefits of Meditation in Daily Life

Now a day's Teachers and administrators are overloaded in their works in schools. It is very difficult for them to keep their mind in stability always. Either they become frustrated, angry, or fall in ill. They best method for them to maintain stability and equilibrium in their mind is meditation. The inward journey or coming towards your inner mind gives ample power and energy to work. When battery-the brain discharges through a lot of work, the only method of recharging is meditation.

Meditation in India is not a new thing. From time immemorial sages of India have given the solution as meditation. So many spiritual organizations impart meditation. The problem is 'we'. Accepting meditation only, our life can be a golden one. Solution is within us. God has given the solution of all problems within. Let's move towards inward journey. Let's not wait for wastage of more energy and imbalance of our life. Accepting Meditation as the boon of our life is the sure success in every field and particularly in the education system. Because imparting training about the balance of mind to the people from very childhood gives a foundation to them to build more stories upon it in future.

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