The Art of Relaxation: Tips to Get Students to De-Stress


From exam stress to worries about college admissions, students face a lot of pressure making it important to de-stress. Relaxation means to calm down mentally and physically, letting all the worries, tension and stress go away from you. It is extremely important to rejuvenate yourself. But how can you overcome stress during long, difficult days and encourage relaxation? Here are some tips to help your students de-stress:

Identify What's Making You Stressed

Before you can actually deal with stress you need to know what is stressing you out. Encourage your students to write a list detailing all the things that are causing them stress right now. But what can you do to tackle this? Set a goal to manage it and write it down using positive words.

Stimulate Students Minds

Another useful device in the teacher's toolkit is relaxing reading. Reading works well as a method of relaxation, easing tension in the muscles and the heart. Teachers can inspire younger and older students by encouraging them to get through as many 'Good Reads' as possible. For younger students, another useful way to regain focus is by playing some calming music. Advise them to listen to some meditative tracks that include natural sounds or slow repetitive movements.

Spending Time in Nature

You have to listen to meditation music filled with sounds of chirping birds and flowing water to understand the importance of the natural world when it comes to relaxation. Studies have suggested a link between communicating with nature and lowering stress levels. Teachers could take this idea back to class and plan an excursion with their students. This can do wonders for reducing worries and stress levels.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness, the art of staying present in the moment, has increasingly been used to help children to stay calm and focussed. This can be easily introduced to children of all ages and facilitate a calm learning environment.

Relaxation helps you to achieve a serene and calm mind making your thought process more clearer and more positive and helps you in making a wise decision.

Remember: "Relaxation is the solution to your stress and anxiety".