Top 7 Benefits of Studying in New Zealand


New Zealand is well-known as one of the best study abroad destinations. It is internationally recognized for the exceptional education standards and for training high-quality teachers, which makes it rather a given fact that the institutions here offer one of the best world-class teaching facilities. International students from across the globe come to pursue higher studies and embark on a global career. Want to know why? Here are some of the benefits of studying in New Zealand:

1. Top education and research facilities: New Zealand boast a number of options to pursue research. Students can follow their interests in different academic fields in various subjects such as arts, business, accounting, science, and technology. The country also offers foremost faculty and comprehensive research facilities for learning.

2. Entry Requirements: Many universities in New Zealand have minimal entry requirements. The universities have a higher space for international students, which means that even the candidates with moderate academic records have a high probability of being accepted in a course of choice.

3. Quality learning: New Zealand`s education programs are known for their quality of teaching and advanced facilities. The system has superior quality assurance systems to monitor and ensure competent education. The students benefit from the excellent teaching standards and practical oriented education.

4. Easy visa application process: New Zealand has liberal immigration laws making it easier to obtain the student Visa. You are also allowed to discuss your case with the Visa expert if rejected. After your graduation, you can work in New Zealand for up to a year and apply for permanent residency if the job is related to your degree. It seems like an ideal option for people looking to build a better life rather than visit overseas just for education.

5. Safe and Secure: New Zealand is well-known as a safe and secure destination with a low crime rate. It is listed in the 3rd position of the Global Peace Index. International students are specially taken care of by the strict guidelines formulated under The Code of Practice for The Pastoral Care of International Students. It is mandatory for every education provider to abide by this code.

6. Cost: The cost of education and living in New Zealand is comparatively lower as compared with other countries. Students find a number of cuisines at budget-friendly prices. Accommodation is also not expensive and public transport is efficient and moderately priced.

7. Opportunities to Explore: New Zealand has a lot of locations to explore. From snow-clad mountains to vast open plains and long stretch of farmlands, New Zealand is a great tourist and study abroad destination. The country also offers excellent adventure opportunities such as bungee jumping, skydiving, canoeing, etc. to mention a few.

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