Your Guide to Study in Australia


Not only is Australia regarded as the third most popular destination for International students worldwide, but it also holds 7 of the top universities in the world. Australia is home to beautiful golden beaches, world-class museums and art galleries, prestigious universities, delicious fresh food, and a calendar of exciting events and festivals. Excited much? Let’s evaluate Australia as a study abroad destination. From support services to student societies, it’s all covered in the beginner’s guide to pursuing higher studies in Australia.

Unique research opportunities: Australia’s oceans and beaches may be famous as a surfer’s paradise, but they also offer the unparalleled potential for environmental science research. The programmes are Internationally recognized and modeled on the British degree system respected around for the quality and competent education, and teachers.

English requirements: All aspirants must meet the minimum requirement of the language to prove English proficiency. If English isn't your first language, you’ll need to provide proof of your English proficiency before you can enroll here. Each college and university has its own criteria and specific requirements for admissions. Hence, you need to check accordingly.

Visa Requirements: Most of you will need a visa to study in Australia as an International student. However, the visa is available for only full-time students. Unfortunately, you will not be able to receive a visa to study a part-time Masters in Australia. However, it’s recommended to have an offer from a recognized program and also the receipt of payment letter from a college before you begin the process of applying for the visa.

Financial aid for Australia: Studying in Australia can be expensive depending on the program. The key to success is to budget ahead of time and secure financial assistance. Once you have verified your costs, the next step is calculating how much you can afford. There are some competitive and budget-friendly universities, but you might need a good research or guidance to avoid falling for the comparably more expensive options. International organizations, scholarships, student loans, and private Australian organizations can be important funding sources that can help you study in Australia.

Cost of living: Australia has a high standard of living. With sun-kissed beaches, diverse cities and high salaries for its workers, you know why. Your options for student accommodation are vast. Whether you want to stay in privately-rented or campus accommodation, there are some stunning places to live as a student in Australia. Also, the cost of living depends on the area. Therefore, it is recommended to stay at a location a little distant from the central ones in order to save on your rent and other daily expenses.

Will studying in Australia help further my career? Australia is considered as a prestigious place to study. Not only does it help you attain a recognized degree but students will also be able to use their student visa to gain crucial work experience. The graduate careers are readily accessible for the students. The universities have strong career advisory and support, with staff whose goal is to help International students get a job, and in turn, a work visa.

If you are an aspirant to study in Australia, then Beyond Teaching can help you. The universities in Australia provide a stimulating academic environment and a well-organized education system which can help students not only get good grades, but also a good job at the end of their degree. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us NOW!