Google for Teachers

By Ravi Chandra Sharma 2017-11-07 15:47:48     65

Teachers need not to be a technology geek to learn and update their knowledge from google. Having said that, you must be attuned to the tips and tricks to get relevant information as well as knowledge from google.

  • Stay current with Google News. Like an electronic clearinghouse for news, Google News brings headlines from news sources around the world to help you stay current without much effort.
  • Google Code University. Visit this Google site to have access to Creative Commons-licensed content to help you learn more about computer science.
  • Study the oceans with Google Earth 5. Google Earth 5 provides information on the ocean floor and surface with data from marine experts, including shipwrecks in 3D
  • Google Scholar. Use this specialized Google search to get results from scholarly literature such as peer-reviewed papers, theses, and academic publishers.
  • Collect research notes with Google Notebook. Use this simple note-taking tool to collect your research for a paper or project.