4 Great Inventions Found Through Basic Research

Without basic research, inventions will be lost in a labyrinth. After reading this article “4 Great Inventions Found Through Basic Research”, you will realize that without basic research, probability to invent new things are actually zapped.

Research does not cut corners and it is an extensive process. In an endeavor to find something new another important thing is found out and eventually by solving smaller problems one after another a large problem is solved. Scientists all over the world while researching to solve a specific problem came up with a new an important invention which eased the life of common people wrestling with countless problems.   

Scientific work which primarily intends to discover new knowledge is generally known as basic science while work targeted in order to address a specific problem is known as applied science. Research is not receiving funding as more emphasis is placed on applied science that will bring predictable results. All the same, true breakthroughs are often made unexpectedly by discovering something that no one could have predicted.

Below are 4 examples of important discoveries which were made owing to basic research process.

1) Radar Dishes behind the discovery of Microwave Ovens

Don’t be startled to know that discovery behind microwave oven can be tied to the development of radar for military use. Percy Spencer who devoted his life working on radar communication, one day noticed that a candy bar in his pocket had begun to melt when he was standing in front of an active radar dish. Eventually using the same technology Microwave Ovens have been developed.

2) Correlation between Laser pointers and Quantum Physics

The discovery of quantum mechanics by Max Planck which was then expanded by Albert Einstein actually led to the discovery of the laser which is used in as many places as eye surgery, DVD players, tattoo removal and fiber optic cables.  

3) Atomic Physics blessed mankind with MRI technology

With the discovery of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, medical practitioners are now armed with ability to look into living bodies and finding diseases in organs such as brain and heart. This technology is an offshoot of atomic physics and sees application in many Chemistry labs even today.  

4) CRISPR is How a Bacterium Defends Itself against Viruses

In 2012, Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna were trying to find out how bacteria like Streptococcus pyogenes use small RNA molecules to fend off invading viruses. In the process of examining how bacteria protect themselves from viruses, the discovery of specific gene alteration by CRISPER has been kicked off.

Unstoppable zeal to invent something new is actually based upon extensive research process, after reading this article “4 Great Inventions Found Through Basic Research” you can correlate the eternal relationship between research and inventions.