Why Research Takes a Back Seat in Developing Countries?

“Why research takes a back seat in developing countries” is a burning question which if answered most of the problems that a researcher face will be successfully weeded out.

Research may be defined as a systematic and scientific hunt for crucial information on a particular subject. Following are the problems or main challenges of research in developing countries.

Lack of Training:

Lack of training certainly mars the productivity of researchers in developing countries. The scarcity of qualified research workers is apparently visible. Without understanding finer nuances of research techniques, many research workers take a step in the dark. The majority of the work, which goes in the name of research is not methodologically sound.

With no insight shed on the collated materials, research to a lot of investigators is mainly a cut-and-paste job. Consequently, research results are not even remotely related to reality. Hence, an organized study of research methodology is certainly an urgent requirement. Prior to undertaking research projects, investigators must be armed with all the methodological aspects. Adopting coherent and organic approach always bears a fruit. Specifically, a successful outcome of a research depends upon how apt you are to use facts and figures to find out new things.


For want of sufficient information, research studies overlapping one another are carried out in many cases.

Lack of confidence:

Owing to the fear of misuse of information, the business houses are generally not willing to render the necessary information to the researchers.


People having lack of knowledge are sure to look down upon research findings – social workers and business executive both fall into this category.

Lack of Interaction

Barely, you would have heard fruitful interactions between the university research department and business establishments, government departments and research institutions which is not at all conducive for the research process.   

Lack of Code of Conduct:

Imagine yourself in the situation where code of conduct does not exist

There doesn’t exist a code of conduct for researchers and inter-University and inter-departmental rivalries are also quite common.

The absence of Coordination:

There exists lack of coordination among various organizations responsible for performing research.

Scanty Information Base:

This is yet another a crucial factor that zaps research process. A researcher having no access to quality literature will certainly be deprived of progressing his research journey fast and expeditiously. Simply put, a researcher cannot garner much research findings where he/she can take help.

Shortage of Resources:

Sufficient funds are not provided to perform a quality research that discourages research of all types. Institutions/organizations, governments’ apathy to appreciate the contributions of research findings to economic development is prevalent.

Problem of Conceptualization:

Many times frittering of resources happens due to researchers failure to conceptualize and solve the problems concerning the procedure for data collection.

After mulling over the problems discussed in the article, readers would know incisively “Why Research Takes a Back Seat in Developing Countries”.  

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