The Power of Education - Ariana's Introspection

"la connaissance et le succès sont gagnés à la dure! (Knowledge and success are earned the hard way!)" Sometimes even the most learned scholars stumble on their way to success. At times, we feel we know everything and right then....bang! Yes, we do stumble, stumble a lot and we fall, but knowing how to get up right after every fall, sans giving up is what counts. Such was the twisted life of Ariana Smith. Oh, you must be wondering, why emphasize the twisted life part!? Well, I bet I'll surprise you with this piece of information - Ariana's dad, Mr. Anais is quite a famed doctor at a reputed hospital, while her mom, Mrs. Ariel is a well-known scholar and the trustee of the university that Ariana is in. Both Mr. & Mrs. Smith with their own intellectual selves raised their daughter like any learned people would. Only to their dismay that Ariana was nothing like her parents! university, classes, lectures were all a joke to her, let alone aspiring to become a successful doctor or a scholar like her parents. All she had in her mind was the picture of a rich glass house that she would call "Home" and would live there happily with her husband and children. Her parents did not like this idea of their daughter having such a dim outlook towards life and so they did what then, was most important - give Ariana some space and time of her own until she realizes the importance of knowledge and education in today's world. They decided it's time not to meddle in her affairs and instead, let her decide things for her own, let her learn the hard way. And guess what, she really did learn it the hardest way!


Next day

At the Smiths'

Ariana was excited with her newfound independence from her parents' moral and disciplinary lectures. She was overwhelmed. And what she did next was going to be a major life lesson for her very soon! To her parents' surprise, there was a guest at their dinner table. A guest, or more. "Mom Dad, This is Johnson, Johnson Lobo, my boyfriend! Mom you know him, he's from the University!" Well, of course, Ariel knew him, in fact, knew him very well. Born to one of the richest family, he was infamous for his notorieties not just in the University, but in the whole of the city as well. Both Ariel and Anais were taken aback! "Boyfriend, you mean 'boy friend', right darling?", asked her dad. Ariana quickly corrected her dad with an astonishing announcement. She said, Mom Dad, we (Ariana and Johnson) decided to marry. Johnny's family has already expressed their approval. So.... what do you think? Dad? Mom?" Ariana's parents somehow manage to avoid the question then, but they knew that the Ariana-Johnson thing wasn't over yet. On the other hand, their little girl was on cloud nine for her newfound independence, boyfriend and her 22nd birthday which was due a week later.


One week later

Ariana's birthday

At the Smith Mansion

Ariana had been insisting on marrying Johnson on her 22nd birthday since a week. Her parents tried their best to help her come to light but to no avail. And so they succumbed to her whims. She thought this was the day, her birthday, the day she gets married to the man she loves. Yes, so she thought. Now, on her birthday, Ariana is overjoyed whereas her parents are heartbroken and were scared of their daughter's future with a person like Johnson. However, later that day, Ariana and Johnson were married. No friends or guests were invited as Johnson's family wanted a small and quiet gathering with just the family and some relatives, maybe.

But, very soon their (Anais and Ariel's) worst fears came true!


3 years later

They (Anais and Ariel) get a call from police station and rushed off to bail out their daughter. There they learned all that their daughter went through all these years. They weren't surprised because somehow they knew that this was coming! Anyway, long story short, owing to her lack of intelligence, ambition, and her stubborn ways, she suffered domestic violence on a daily basis. Her in-laws would always find a reason to continuously taunt her unless she broke down. She felt like a dirt, like an extra, useless and unnecessary baggage in the Lobo Mansion. Soon, Johnson divorced her and if this wasn't enough, he then blamed her of stealing his mom's sapphire diamond necklace set and sent her off to prison. With details from Johnson, the cops called up Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Later, it was found out that the diamond necklace set was actually kept safe in the locker at Johnson's father's study. But, they decided not to inform the cops of the same let them proceed with their charges against Ariana.

Ariana was soon bailed out by her parents. She was highly depressed and regretted every moment she bunked classes and lectures for her shabby parties and night outs. She finally realized the importance of self-dependence, but t'was too late now, or so she thought. Anais and Ariel then came and sat beside her on either sides and said, "It's okay darling, everything will be alright!" Ariana broke into tears and hugged her parents and apologized for all her stupid and childish acts in the past. She even mentioned, if only she could go back in time she would complete her university and would actually become self-dependent. Her parents said, "It's okay honey. See, this is what we were trying to explain to you long back. Being a housewife isn't bad. you take up bigger responsibilities and that includes the whole of the house! In fact, being a housewife is a matter of pride! But, life isn't always a bed of roses. We don't know when, where and how might end up someday.So, we must always prepare for the worst as much as we do for the best! Having a degree, career, even if given up post-marriage, the experience might come in handy, someday in the future, maybe." She further consoled her saying, "Honey, education is not just limited to job and career, but it also helps you differentiate good from bad, right from wrong and is always helpful even in our daily lives. So you see darling, you rejected the 'honey' which is healthy, for the chilled ice cream which has a greater chance of harming your health." "Mommy Daddy, What do I do now? I cannot even go back to the University. I'm sorry.", Ariana said. Anais explained that it's better late than never. And also that it is never too late for anything, and for education, never!

The Smith's had a quiet little family moment as they hugged each other and spent the rest of the day living their best lives together.

Next day, Ariana went back to the University after a 3-year long gap. She really, really did learn it the hard way, her biggest life lesson! With everything that she has seen and went through, she pursued Law as her majors. And then was no looking back.


4 years later

Present time

Ariana is currently practicing law in the supreme court under the country's most popular advocate & Lawyer who was quite impressed by her outstanding grades and intellect. She aspires to be one of the best lawyers, and later, one of the best judges of the supreme court someday. Yes, Johnson did try reconciling her after all these years, but the now strong-headed, confident and mature Ariana was way past his games. Her parents are very happy and proud of their daughter. The advocate's son, a young business tycoon, has proposed marriage to her but Ariana wants to take things slow now. Her parents are with her, by her side, no matter what, and now she (Ariana) realized that.


It was a twisted tale of Ariana. It might not be your story, but even in different ways, we all face the good and the bad, right and wrong, all of life's flavors. So, why not prepare for the best as well as the worst and smoothly walk our way with our head held high!