5 Characteristics of a Good Science Teacher

This article sheds light on the 5 must-have characteristics of a science teacher and explains how by acquiring these qualities you can step up your efficiency:

1. Arouse curiosity: One of the major things that have to be present in a Science Class is Curiosity. Curiosity develops knowledge. Curious students ask questions and bring new and often unnoticed topics of discussion in the class. Students tend to lose their curiosity with time, so one of the important tasks of teachers is to see that curiosity among students do not diminish.

2. Guides but doesn’t solve:

It is good to clarify students’ doubts at the first encounter but simply giving answers to their queries without involving them in solution finding process cripple their creativity. By helping students understand how to arrive at the solution, you are also arming them with skills to solve similar problems on their own and develop analytical skills.

3. Shows real world applications:

Science may become boring if the teacher fails to establish connection between theory and practice. Even abstruse concepts become easily understandable once its application in real world is explained and chances of forgetting them is less. It also enhances the student’s logical and investigative skills.

4. Involves Experiments:

Learning can be speeded up when concepts are taught through experiments, especially in science. Major concepts like Gravity, Force may be demonstrated in the class using simple experiments. Likewise, teacher may also conduct science exhibitions which provide students with ample opportunity to demonstrate their experimental skills.

5. Isn't terrifying:

Fear is the biggest impediment to learning so teachers must make sure that students do not fear interacting with them. Being too loud and harsh in the class make students avoid interacting with the teachers.