6 Steps towards Better Research

This article “6 Steps toward Better Research” talks about the basic research skills if a student is endowed with, he/she will be able to organize, find and use the information you need to publish a decent research paper.

1 Schedule: The first step to write a research paper is to write up a schedule with a series of milestones to be achieved by date. You will require time to find out what material is present in the library, select relevant material, read it, take notes, and start putting it together.

2 Start, don’t end, with Wikipedia: Needless to say, Wikipedia is a reservoir of knowledge so it will definitely help you to pick up keywords related to your topic. Especially taking notes, especially of any good sources they recommend is a good idea.

3 Mine bibliographies: Your plans will not bite a dust once you find a good, solid, solid academic book or essay on your topic. At last, there will be oodles of resources for you to look up. You can then refer the bibliography and note down anything whose title sounds relevant to your research.  

4 Have a research question in mind: Technically, your thesis should spring up from your research, when you have data in front of you. But certainly, you require a “working thesis” while doing your research – a question you wish to answer. As you find new material, probe if it will help you get the answer to your question.

5 Deal with one piece at a time: We all know haste makes waste so never attempt to tackle your subject all at once. Try to create an outline of the things you need to understand and then deal with each piece on its own. When you write your first draft, you will be easily able to establish connections between the pieces.

6 Carry an idea book: As you start involving deeper into your project, your mind will set about churning through what you are reading, even though you are not consciously working on it. Many great researchers often get best of their ideas at their least convenient times – in the shower, at the supermarket, in the bathroom. Carry a notebook and a pen so that you can write whenever an idea crosses your mind. Following these 6 steps towards better research, you catapult your chances to publish a flawless research paper.

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