Topics You Must Stay Away from while writing a Research Paper

Singing out a single topic among a wide range of ideas that cross your mind is indeed a tough task. But the good news is that you can count on a few indicators that show if a specific topic that you are considering might be better staved off.

Personal Stories and information

Unless you have not authored a few books, it is advisable not to do the research paper about yourself. After all, by definition, a research paper requires you to do research. This implies, you must refer sources available for you to carry out research. 

Topics with No Available Information

As due to lack of researchable information, you cannot write about yourself. Likewise, you can’t write a research paper about a topic for which no data is available.

If you pick up something too abstruse (like what Albert Einstein ate for breakfast or the color of Napoleon’s socks), chances are slim that you get detailed information about that.

Topics that Are Too Narrow

Likewise to pick a topic that is too narrow is also not going to help you publish a research article as it would then be next to impossible to find enough information. For instance, if you select a topic “what makes a diamond valuable”, you will have access to vast information but if you opted a topic "what makes a one karat round F color diamond purchased in New York valuable", you have narrowed the topic.

Topics that Are Too Broad

It is also possible that you can find plenty of information on a topic but then also it will not be good for your paper. Too much data and information sometimes will add to complexities as you won’t be able to go into any depth about them and your paper might not be a good one. For instance, instead of “Gang Violence”, “Causes of Gang Violence” will be a more suitable topic.

Controversial Topics

Selecting controversial topics to write on is an open invitation fail your efforts on your own. For instance, most students will hesitate writing a research paper about abortion or the death penalty. is a platform to share your story, your experiences as a teacher.  Share your story here