Should a Teacher Dress as Students’ Advocate?

Should a Teacher Dress as Students’ Advocate?

A question that haunts the mind of every teacher is “should there be a dress code for teaches”. You can see them bandying about the issue in administrator offices and in lounges. Having said that a teacher ought not to do away with his fashion sense and stop looking as attractive as they used to be in their college days.

However, there are certain things teachers should keep in mind when choosing a teacher wardrobe.

Dress for coverage: It is advisable to look at your outfit from a students’ eye view while getting dressed-up. Do you sit in a chair and read to kindergarteners? Do you bend over desks to help students? Never forget to raise your arms like you are writing on the board and check whether your shirt still covers your back.

Dress for physical comfort: Being uncomfortable affects everything you do – your level of patience with students, your mental processing time, and your memory. Keeping this in mind, you will like to stay away from clothes that are constricting and scratchy. It is preferable to dress in layers if the temperature in your classroom is unpredictable.

Dress for a psychological edge: In lot of ways, teaching is a performance. You need to dress up so that you can get rid of the feeling of being self-conscious. If you are worried on account of gaining weight over the holidays, stave off squeezing into an outfit you will be tempted to tug at. It also becomes equally important to balance your desire for efficiency with the teacher image you hope to project. If you want to be a teacher who puts on a suit. You may end-up dry cleaning after all.

Dress for savings and efficiency: Most of the teachers miss on the buying instructions before they purchase teacher clothes and suddenly they discover that now they have to incur dry cleaning expenses as well. If you want to be satisfied with a small teacher wardrobe, cling to low-key colors and less trendy styles so students will not constantly point out that you wore the same thing last week.

If you wish to flaunt your new look maintaining the school decorum, it’s not that tough. Just you need to mull over the above points and you can really jazz-up your day at school.

Roxanna Elden is a National Board Certified Teacher in Miami. Her book, “See Me After Class: Advice for teachers” is a must-read for every teacher. Follow the link below to learn more.

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