Top 8 Habits of happy & effective teachers

Why? Because Happiness matters. You need to take control of your own happiness. Teaching is stressful and a teacher has to deal a lot during the day. Teachers happiness is certainly a question, their motivation and confidence are going down and about 50% of the teachers think of quitting in next 5 years. Happy teacher adopts some positive daily habits. And the habits are not just actions, but thoughts, too.

1. Don’t chase Happiness:

Research shows people who run after happiness tends to less happy than the people who just enjoy what they do. Happy teachers enjoy teaching, they love their job. You cannot enjoy unless kids enjoy and kids cannot enjoy unless you have fun with them. Kids love happy teachers, they bond with them well and they remember them long after they pass out from the school. So the Mantra is Just enjoy !!

2. Here to change the world: 

Happy teachers don’t leave it for the education system, they don’t leave it for school or college they work for. Their passion is so strong that they take the matter into their own hands and they work towards a goal.

Nancie Atwell wanted students to read and she opened a new school. Read story Anand Kumar taught 30 students from poor families to make a hero of himself, Read story . and David Calle recorded its own videos for the students. Read story.

There are hundreds of examples of teachers who have made a difference to the world.

3. Keep certain hours totally work-free:

Certain hours of the day they don’t think about the school, college, work submissions, exams and more. This helps them unwind and relax. Effective teachers take time to learn new tools, read new books and more.

4. They bring change in the classroom:

At times they bring a totally different subject in the classroom. They get students to see nice movies, talk about a book, talk about a different subject altogether and that keeps up the learning environment.

They change the décor, bring new things in the classroom, ask students to contribute, change seating arrangement.

5. Think of yourself as a great teacher:

They are the masters of their subject, they know in and out of the course, curriculum and more on what’s happening in the world on the subject.

Happy teachers never forget that they are awesome educators with one of the most influential, interesting jobs on the planet. They keep up the reputation by adding new information on their subject time to time.  

6. 80:20 rule:

80% of the problems will be from 20% of the students. It is always a small number of students that take most of the time of the teacher. They know how to narrow that down. They try to manage the students effectively so that they don’t take up time more than necessary. They say no to excessive demands, unnecessary questions and take matters separately alone with the students for the special attention or needs.

7. Be personal:

Happy teachers know being personal is the key to participation, they say that setting a friendly tone is key.  Daily affirmations of class mottos, Daily praise of each student’s good qualities, secret handshakes, and cooperation exercises actually make a student happy while learning in a classroom.

They get to know the students and their interests and discuss with them their own. Speaking to parents is an honour and it helps to get the students know more about the students.

8. Be a positive, helpful colleague, every day:

A Teacher is constantly being evaluated and criticized by principal, parents & even students. Instead of feeling bitter they are open-minded when receiving constructive criticism and they listen to feedback.

This habit will not only help teachers bond with students but weed out unnecessary negative feelings which accumulate over the time.

Being happy is important for teacher and Oh there is a book on this topic as well which is The Happy teacher Habits by Michael Linsin. The book just lists down simple things that a teacher should do to be happy.

You can have the book on your reading list to go through the topic in great detail. is a platform to share your story, your experiences as a teacher.  Share your story here