Wrap up your Research on Good Terms ( 4 basic rules )

People will always talk about how you should start your research but very few of them actually want to see it the other way. That 'how you should end it'.

A research project is never really finished off. Sooner you realize that you’re overdoing with your facts, sources and time better you achieve some results. In fact, the perfect doctoral thesis does not exist.

Research work is a full-time job in itself and you can’t take it for granted. Because it can provide your society those innovative ideas which will take it to the next generation of knowledge and technology. Our perceptions of the world, the way we experience our relationships with others, the organization of society as a whole are profoundly influenced by the expansion of knowledge, both in the exact sciences (like mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry) and the human and social sciences (like economics, law, psychology and political science). To us, it’s perfectly normal to speak on our mobile phones or browse the web, drive fast cars or cross oceans in airplanes, live in a democracy, cure illnesses with advanced drugs and technology, look at images of Mars or learn that the “God particle” really does exist. Not only are research and development inseparable activities, they also affect society and the lives of each one of us. A good researcher, therefore, always applies logical reasoning. 

It might take several years to reach the final goal, and thus the thesis might only be a small part of the whole story. If the project is going well, it will open up new research questions and future directions. Here, we present some simple and the most important rules on how to deal with time issues and conflict situations while doing your last bit of research work.

  • For Stress-free Submission

Prepare a list of all the documents and certificates that you will need, even before you start writing. With your documents in order, you are bound to feel you have the situation more under control, which can help to reduce stress and enable you to focus more closely on writing your thesis.

  • Start to Write

Simplest and the most important thing is to start writing with the data in hand. At some point, you need to decide

As you wrote your paper, you probably noticed some surprising gaps in scholarship on the subject. These gaps make excellent suggestions for future research, as do any new questions raised by your findings. Providing these suggestions provides readers and future researchers a clear idea of what questions need to be answered and also serves to highlight your research’s contribution to the field.


  • Whom to Rely Upon

Sometimes, its feel to be isolated by your crashing software or systems repeated practice of saving our own self from being repetitive and with the pathetic pain of career choices. The catharsis of all these things will blow your mind so be prepared for your technical, educational, professional as well as personal factors of strength.


Research is something which should be done with the calmness of spirituality, the cleverness of technicality and the essence of scientific temper. Research projects build up the response of decision makers to a range of important issues, including planning for major transport and infrastructure projects, responses to climate change, taxation policy and many other areas. One question that inevitably emerges in such conversations is “Why is your research important?” Basic research is generally done to further scientific knowledge without obvious or immediate societal benefits. If like me, you do basic research, the question about why your research is important for society is difficult to answer. When curiosity and intuition are applied in a systematic approach to finding the answers to questions like these, when we draw on experience and the knowledge we’ve already acquired, then we’re doing research. All of us in our daily lives explore, investigate, invent, solving problems at work, trying out new recipes in the kitchen, finding the best way to prune a plant, or simply playing with the kids. Dedicating our lives to research means making the study and experiment our profession, and leads these activities to the acquisition of new knowledge.