Role of Parents and Teachers in a Child's Life

Development is the function of learning, adapting and changing. The pace and pattern of development vary from one child to other. Every child is different in its unique way. We just need to handle them keeping their specific qualities in mind.

Some children develop like 'caterpillar to butterfly' and others struggle like 'fish out of water'. So, development depends upon many factors such as health, familial and social interaction, intellectual, moral and ethical values. These all factors proportionately related to the "education triangle".The role of parents in their children's success cannot be overemphasized and teachers are also the second most connected person in a child's growth. 





The realistic plan to achieve the goal:

As one Egyptian proverb says that, "sometimes we create our own heartbreaks through expectations" one should be practical while making a plan as unrealistic plans are doomed to fail even before they are put into execution. Children's are very fragile in terms of heartbreaks. So keep them grounded and teach them how to make realistic plans. 

Facilitating and helping him/her chose the right path:

Academics or sports, commerce or science or arts-- what to opt for, here parents should be facilitators rather than the influencers. More than to facilitate parents need to flourish their interests. 

Giving your child an invigorating atmosphere:

Once your child has chosen his/her goal, give them all the support, the best that you can give.

Helping them to overcome the stress and the fear of failure:

One thing which bogs down the children and hampers their performance is the fear of failure. The pressure of success is way more than an enjoyment of learning.Tell them that they remain precious to us irrespective of whether they are able to achieve their goal or not.

Be friends with them:

Do not be a mute spectator in their journey, get into the waters with them. They should feel free to share their concerns with us.

Know what is a stress buster for your child:

You should understand what works best for your children when he or she is stressed.

Keep assuring them of their innate potential:

Your job is to let them not lose faith in themselves, in their ability to make it. 


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