Holi festival of Diversity, Fun & Frolics

There are various aspects of Holi which makes it so significant for our lives. After getting pissed off with our daily routines we must need some occasions to celebrate life and what else could be better than the festival of enthusiasm which is called – HOLI.

This festival is a celebration in itself which marks the onset of spring. Holi is significant for many other reasons, too: for some Hindus, it signifies a new year and Spring, becoming a celebration of good harvests and fertile soil; most importantly, however, it is an occasion to renew ruptured relationships and absolve oneself of all the wrongdoings and emotional impurities of the past.

What else you can expect from a single day!! Still, we’re listing some unique values of this festival for which we love it.


Acceptance of Diversity:-

Acceptance of diversity means that instead of viewing differences as a negative, they are seen as strengths, adding more flavour to life, allowing all to contribute in unique ways. Children learn that differences among groups exist and can be respected and enjoyed, rather than feared and disliked. With this festival, we will teach them a new way of dealing with people having different opinions. Some of them who like the playful part of this festival and others don’t but we need to respect each and every opinion.

This is how our future should be formed bit by bit. Free in every spirit and by adoring others.


Fun & Frolics in daily life:-

Peer pressures of performance have become synonyms of our lives. But the need of the hour is light moments in our life. We genuinely need them for rejuvenating ourselves.

The common citizen always wants to excel the power and position of their anonymity but simultaneously they want a better version for their boredom.  


Time to banish the evil of bad debt:-

Every time it’s not all about the victory of good over evil. Though it is so still what we count the special essence of this festival is uniformity. Sometimes we just need a little push at every hurdle and then the overcoming in itself becomes a huge reason for smiles. Holi is just this kind of festivity.


Many more reasons are there for celebrations. All you need is just the mood and loads of gujiyas,phirnis and melodious songs.


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