Dearth Of Specialist Science Teachers In England Schools

This article discusses the dearth of science teachers in the schools of England. It also talks about how most teachers are opting to teach outside their area of specialism.

According to the president of the Royal Society of Chemistry dearth of science teachers who are teaching their specialist subject is the “biggest challenge” schools in England are facing.

Sir John Holman, speaking to Tes as he launched a report about the state of practical science in secondary schools in England, also said he had learned from high-performing countries that practical science work was more important than ever in the digital age.

The 'biggest challenge'

Sir John observed that in England too many science teachers are teaching outside their specialism.

He asserted teachers with specialist qualifications are more prepared and more confident to do experiments than if they were not specialized.

However, he said that while this was a “perennial issue, we must not admit defeat”, and said that being “more positive” and “more strategic” this issue can be easily resolved.

 “What do I mean by that? Suppose a school is finding it very difficult to get a chemistry specialist but has biology specialists teaching chemistry.

“In the long-term they can use professional development, particularly through the Stem learning centers, to train up their biology graduates so they will be skilled in teaching chemistry.”

He told that government also required to encourage people to go into science teaching.

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