How to fully fund your Research

Because many students aren’t aware of full funding opportunities, they considered a Ph.D. impossible and give preference to a Master’s degree instead. Financial support is all we need while doing ambitious projects & research work is definitely a passion for the researchers. So, we’ve listed up some tricks to get your loans easily.


Sources of Funding within your Campus

It is advisable to start looking for funding opportunities while or even before applying to universities. So that, you can prepare yourself on an earlier basis for the detailed fieldwork. Last minute rushes or deadline of submissions will be always on your head. Make a list of important grants and fellowships from your applied university, where your candidature would be one of the priority based applications. Funding information is usually available online – check the scholarship or international section of the university website.

Outside campus Scholarships

Scholarships from Higher Education Institutions are prestigious, highly coveted and usually the hardest form of financial aid to secure. They don’t need to be repaid and cover the full or partial costs of tuition, sometimes along with a portion of living costs. Scholarships are usually based solely on academic merit, although there are also many specialized scholarships which are targeted at students with certain backgrounds, interests, skills or ambitions. For example, more artists are interested to apply in France or Italy or athletes are taking many grants in the U.S.

Teaching and Research Assistantships

Students with an assistantship are obliged to carry out specified teaching and/or research activities, stipulated in a contract. In return, you’ll typically receive a modest salary and/or a waiver of your tuition fees. 

Employer Support

Employers will be more receptive to your request if you show your aim is to improve your ability in the workplace, advance your career prospects, and/or aid your long-term development within the company, rather than simply indulging your own academic or personal interests.


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