#ENOUGH US students walkout against gun violence

From Washington to Los Angeles, students walked out of US classrooms in the largest grassroots protest against gun violence seen in years, demanding action one month to the day after a deadly shooting rampage at a Florida high school.

Books Not Bullets

Hundreds of teenagers from Washington area schools gathered outside the White House yesterday, holding up signs reading "Books Not Bullets" and "Protect People Not Guns" before marching on the US Capitol. "We want to show Congress and politicians we are not standing by, we are not silent anymore," said 17-year-old Brenna Levitan, who was at the protest with her mother. "Parkland is going to be the last school shooting" adds further.

Students in dozens of other cities in all 50 states staged similar demonstrations and observed a moment of silence to honor the 14 students and three adult staff killed a month ago at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Lawmaking against Gun-Violence

In Washington, several hours after the protests broke up, US lawmakers took their first significant step to address school gun violence since the Parkland shooting.

The House of Representatives voted 407-10 to fund violence prevention measures at schools including boosting security, mental health screening and creating anonymous reporting systems so students can report threats.

At a high school in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, students marched to the football field and assembled in a heart formation to pay tribute to the victims. In Los Angeles and other cities, teenagers spelled out the protest slogan "#ENOUGH" by lying down on the ground on sports fields. "We want change," and "Am I next?" they chanted. Press secretary for New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, Eric Phillips, said "just over 100,000" students took part from the city's schools.

Trump momentarily signaled support for curbing access to guns, notably by raising the age for purchases from 18 to 21, but now stands accused of bowing to the NRA.


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