Make Sanskrit compulsory subject in schools: Swamy

Sanskrit should be made a compulsory subject in schools along with the mother tongue, BJP MP Subramanian Swamy said here on Friday.

"Sanskrit should be made compulsory in my opinion. Mother tongue and Sanskrit should be made compulsory, third (language) is optional," he told reporters on the sidelines of an event. He claimed that Sanskrit was the only acceptable language for storing knowledge for artificial intelligence in a computer.

He added, India, possessed sound knowledge of different subjects such as mathematics and science. "We were the people who were on top in mathematics, science, medicine and surgery. We even had manuals on how to build an aeroplane," he said.

"But later on you will find out after reading it that it was a substantive manual; which is now being translated, recently found," Swamy said.

The Western world was beginning to accept the efficacy of yoga and meditation, said Swamy, who delivered a talk on 'Future of India in the Emerging World' at the 8th IEIA (Indian Exhibition Industry Association) open seminar, the annual conclave of the Indian exhibition industry.

Swamy opined that the history of the country has not been properly reflected in history books in schools and colleges and added that some scholars were working on a textbook for educational institutions with 'genuine' history. "We are working out to write a textbook for schools and colleges which is a genuine history based on scientific facts that have now come to our knowledge. That will take a little time," Swamy said.


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