UK teachers bail out of the profession due to job stress

Like all other professionals, teachers too have started experiencing job stress which is marring their productivity and contributing to health problems such as heart disease and depression.

In UK, a research revealed that 75% of the teaching staff in schools and colleges were wrestling with the symptoms of depression, anxiety and panic attacks. An earlier survey indicated 62% of the working population was affected.

When asked, The Department for Education said it was addressing issues raised by teacher. Some teachers work 12 hours a day owing to increasing levels of marking, admin and exam targets.

However, most of the teachers seemed satisfied with their profession as it provided them a chance to change lives every single day and they were also getting paid for that but a significant number of teachers were anxious about the unnecessary challenges that are put on them day in, day out.

Upon enquiring, teachers acceded that they had suffered from bouts of depression, anxiety, and sleeplessness and the sheer amount of workload has had an impact on their mental health.

Officials claimed that recruitment was getting adversely affected due to challenges posed by a career in teaching. They said that now fewer people were embracing the profession and that central government was not doing enough to help.

Describing the hapless situation teachers were in, many educationists quashed the government claim that it was putting more money into education and more teachers were being recruited. Head teachers feared that they might fail to staff their schools and did not have money to pay the teachers.

Many good teachers opted to chicken out of the profession and they never regretted their decision which was really depressing as these teachers cared a lot about the kids. On the flip side, a Department for Education spokesperson said that they were well attuned to the pivotal role, a teacher plays in the society, they were addressing their issues and now they had more teachers in their school than ever before.

A research also indicated that revival of education sector will require investment of £1.3bn up to 2020 to attract new teachers into the profession.