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Manoj Kumar

Technology and its Negative Impacts on students

In today’s times, technology plays a huge role in our everyday lives, and for most of the people, it’s something to rely on to function throughout the day. The education system today has also molded into this era of the changing technology, and has adopted and embraced technology as way to learn, research, make assignments etc. for students. Technology has contributed to the world’s evolution and has eased the workload of its inhabitants. However, when it comes to technology in the classroom, it also does harm than doing good.

Before technology came into existence, students actually had to put their own efforts to retrieve materials in order to complete their projects and assignments successfully. Before the development of computers, books and libraries were the only source to gather information. Whereas today, computers and internet give short and quick answers without any efforts. Therefore, students are lacking important skills, such as critical thinking and reasoning, which could affect their ability to solve problems and handle pressing situations that arise in everyday occurrences.

A human being is a social being and no-one can thrive alone in this world. Children have been introduced to many technological devices like smart phones, touch pads, mp3 players etc., that is potentially pushing them into solitude. This is an alarming trend that has developed with the advent of 21st century. Technology has taken over human lives. This makes students obese, lazy, violent, less interested in academics, arrogant and less focused towards family.

Reference: Click here.

* Friday, Jan 25, 2013 11:42AM  Go to Top
Dr Arjun Y Pangannav Technology is a means/tool for learning and teaching. It is not obstacle in any form to thinking and analysing.
25 Jan at 12:19 PM
Sunita Shukla yes it has either effect on student, But we must not forget the impact of INTERNET on Students life it has played positive role in respect of knowledge, the thing remains here only that how do we use it.
25 Jan at 12:44 PM
Sameer Shukla technology is made to achieve positive out of it but its use other way creates havoc and unpleasant result.
25 Jan at 12:49 PM
Harekrushna Behera The growth and decline depends on how you use the things.
25 Jan at 1:09 PM
Shashi Technology is a blessing when used in a proper way.teachers have to use their imagination and give projects which demand imagination, skills of students.
25 Jan at 6:14 PM
Jharna De In fact students are getting addicted to technology due to which they are losing their own creative skills
26 Jan at 2:14 AM
Mayank Kumar One major threat it poses is the plummeting interpersonal communications skills amongst the youth.
26 Jan at 10:25 AM
Nandini Srivastava Technology has to be used with responsibility and restraint. We cannot all become machines due to technology!Parents need to monitor how much time a kid spends on gadgets, instead of splurging on gifts like Play stations, video games etc.
26 Jan at 10:36 AM
Tatiana Dubovets I wouldn't totally agree, yes it can be used in the wrong way, but it's in our hands to teach students to use the technology to get better results
26 Jan at 11:51 AM
Sunita Malhotra most of the time children are taking advantage of technology and doing their work by it but that is not good for the child .due to technology they are habitual and get to much of involvement for their project works and assinments.
26 Jan at 1:10 PM
Brajesh Definitely most of the childrens taking advantage of technology as it is very helpfule to them as easy availability of notes,assignment..
26 Jan at 1:29 PM
Abhijit Tarafder ya i also agree with this
26 Jan at 10:22 PM
Meena I totally agree with the fact that along with the advantages there are more disadvantages with the introduction of technology at an early age.... Reading habits are almost not in existence and the children of today are indeed missing out on a lot of good things in life....
26 Jan at 10:54 PM
Piyush Joshi things which they should not know....are in their approach through mobile/internet.
26 Jan at 11:23 PM
Piyush Joshi most of the websites have censored advt. too
26 Jan at 11:24 PM
Piyush Joshi all the chat rooms are have such comments that are not suitable for youngsters.
26 Jan at 11:26 PM
Shiva Shukla yes i agreed
27 Jan at 12:01 AM
Harekrushna Behera We have to go with the time. We cann't avoid but go with it.
27 Jan at 8:08 AM
Daleep Kumar Rawat but internet is a source to get much information about any topic in a short time
27 Jan at 8:53 AM
Fatimafarhana New technologies leave good or bad impacts on life it depends on the user how it uses . in my view adopting new technologies help us to learn things very fast.
27 Jan at 5:21 PM
Shilpa it has effect on student, But we must not forget the impact of INTERNET on Students.we should tell them use proper usage
27 Jan at 8:12 PM
Neelima Joshi we must not be additicted to internet.
27 Jan at 9:57 PM
Madhaw Prasad see we are nothing to do bad with technology, it depends on us how we utilize it, our resources. we must teach to make good use of it.
27 Jan at 10:55 PM
Anuradha why the technology it is for our comfort to make our life better there is nothing bad in using it but the point is how to use it. effective use of technology always leads us ahead.....
27 Jan at 11:49 PM
Neelima Joshi every coin has two sidws similar applies to technology also, it has side effects also.
28 Jan at 12:00 AM
Dr Arjun Y Pangannav Technology associated with human thinking and activity. How to gather food? is the early evolution of technology. It has no negative effect.
28 Jan at 9:38 AM
Priyanka we should focus on the good points.
28 Jan at 12:07 PM
Harekrushna Behera Technology is the advanced way of dealing education.
28 Jan at 1:26 PM
Padmini without new technologies, we would be like a stagnant water or a pond water with all same and old things around excitements, no new inventions..nothing..
28 Jan at 4:22 PM
Sunita Shukla Technology is direly required to maintain the level of higher education at its best.
28 Jan at 4:43 PM
Sameer Shukla technology brings upgradation of system and when it is adopted in Education system it develops interest in Study,
28 Jan at 4:48 PM
Deepak M I am not thinking about its negative effects because i know the positve effects of this. I will guide so.
28 Jan at 7:49 PM
P M G Bashir Asdaque But most of the Technologies have positive impacts on the society...
29 Jan at 9:16 AM
Sameer Shukla Technology has values and education in ethical sense, but point is how do we inherit it in our life and pass on the same to our generation.
29 Jan at 4:26 PM
Sunita Shukla Technology means improvement of all sorts of educative system be it Syllabus related or any co-curricular activity However it must be used in positive sense.
29 Jan at 4:37 PM
Harekrushna Behera Technology is the need of 21st century.
29 Jan at 5:42 PM
Piyush Joshi the impact of technology is enhancing our live day by day.
29 Jan at 11:35 PM
Neelima Joshi even govt. is also focusing on ICT in schools
29 Jan at 11:38 PM
P M G Bashir Asdaque Technology has been always positive for Human beings.
30 Jan at 9:10 AM
P M G Bashir Asdaque But technology that is given by creating Pollution is only the negative impact.
30 Jan at 9:10 AM
P M G Bashir Asdaque By Incresing speeds in Technology, the students will learn more from the internet.
30 Jan at 9:11 AM
P M G Bashir Asdaque Today, students don't need books and papers for learning, they need a high connectivity internet and a PC.
30 Jan at 9:11 AM
P M G Bashir Asdaque What happened before is due to lack of sources, but when we have Speed and Technology, we will do more works in less time with more creativity.
30 Jan at 9:12 AM
Shankar Prasad In this present situation, it is a must for every child to be updated with technology otherwise they will left behind, just see an example of robotics
30 Jan at 11:56 AM
Harekrushna Behera We should always see the positive impact on them.
30 Jan at 12:02 PM
Harpal Before technology came into existence, students actually had to put their own efforts to retrieve materials in order to complete their projects and assignments successfully. Before the development of computers, books and libraries were the only source to gather information. Whereas today, computers and internet give short and quick answers without any efforts.
30 Jan at 1:13 PM
Anjali Drolia i totally agree with you .practically i am facing this problem at home .
30 Jan at 1:23 PM
Priyank Jain its depend upon us how we are using technology. in positive way or in negative way............
31 Jan at 1:01 PM
Tushar Arya i totally agree with you
31 Jan at 4:32 PM
Piyush Joshi learning by doing is perfect way but doing everything by just coping is the biggest drawback of the technology.
31 Jan at 11:28 PM
Piyush Joshi we must take steps to safe our kids with the negative impacts of the technology.
31 Jan at 11:29 PM
Piyush Joshi day by day they are going away from the reality and living in just virtual world.
31 Jan at 11:30 PM
Gagan Gulati that so true
01 Feb at 10:41 AM
Jasmine this is really important in today's world.. kids are smarter chaps than the adults.. but it is difficult to cut their mind frames from this highly qualified technology..
01 Feb at 1:19 PM
Sunita Shukla Technology must be adopted in best sense and not be miss-used in other fashion as Internet is catching most of our young brains in chatting and wasting time.
02 Feb at 10:21 AM
Sameer Shukla technology should be used in positive sense and user must be friendly taking care of society also.
02 Feb at 10:31 AM
Neelima Joshi we must shoe them/ tell them that what ethics they should maintain while using the technologies.
02 Feb at 2:47 PM
Neelima Joshi and make them aware about its side effects also.
02 Feb at 2:48 PM
Brajesh Before technology students do their work by manually but in a current scenario all the work doing with help of technology.. It is giving extra time to students to focus other educational work..
03 Feb at 1:20 PM
Harekrushna Behera Technology can help in understanding better and doing the work quickly and neatly.
03 Feb at 3:08 PM
P M G Bashir Asdaque Sitiing continuously for studying has the negative effect on child's progress.
04 Feb at 9:16 AM
Sunita Shukla technology must find best user Who can extract best out of it and leave the worst aside as it has got both the sides of coin.
04 Feb at 3:46 PM
Sunil Kumar Technology is the need of all times doubt!!
04 Feb at 3:54 PM
Brajesh Technology very important to learn many thins in this ever and fast changing atmosphere and a very fast way.
04 Feb at 9:48 PM
Piyush Joshi every thing has darker side similar the technology also, we must not be fully dependant on it.
06 Feb at 11:20 PM
Kiran It is the most important point is people should take only positive benefit of technology, negative thing gave only small moment of happiness but against it become habit
07 Feb at 11:22 AM
Archana Verma i agreed that we have to make difference.....
07 Feb at 12:36 PM
Amit Good
08 Feb at 10:34 AM
Rachna Jaggi Some times not always
08 Feb at 7:20 PM
Sameer Shukla Technology means a tool to open the gate of knowledge for our subjects, but it appears that after interaction with net and other media the gross involvement differs and negative impact dominates positive.
10 Feb at 9:56 AM
Gagan Gulati Its depend upon the particular student or person what they gain from technology. It can be positive or negative.
11 Feb at 12:35 PM
Sameer Shukla Technology has given new pace to study and globalised the education system.In a second one can see the happening in abroad and surroundings, one must use it in Positive sense.
12 Feb at 11:25 PM
Mohit Soni i agree with you
13 Feb at 8:11 AM
Mayank Kumar Another view, the students these days prefer downloading and paying latest games and the fun apps rather than spending time with their books or reading otherwise. There are online apps for education purpose too, but the popularity of such apps is minimal when compared to the games. We need to guide the students in this matter.
13 Feb at 9:04 AM
Beeren Sahu I feel that its not the fault of technology rather its the duty of every parent to give valuable time to there offspring...........we could develop in much faster rate due to internet, which has its own way of critical thinking and reasoning..........
14 Feb at 9:36 AM
Brajesh With the help of technology, reasoning and critical thinking can be developed..It is depends on us as in which way we are using the same..
18 Feb at 12:16 PM
Biswajit Jena A human being is a social being and no-one can thrive alone in this world. Children have been introduced to many technological devices like smart phones, touch pads, mp3 players etc., that is potentially pushing them into solitude. This is an alarming trend that has developed with the advent of 21st century. Technology has taken over human lives. This makes students obese, lazy, violent, less interested in academics, arrogant and less focused towards family...super wording
06 Mar at 9:02 AM
Amit Pal Technology has contributed to the world’s evolution and has eased the workload of its inhabitants. However, when it comes to technology in the classroom, it also does harm than doing good.
03 Jul at 8:41 AM
Biswajit Jena This makes students obese, lazy, violent, less interested in academics, arrogant and less focused towards family.
07 Jul at 1:10 PM
Priyank Jain its correct -A human being is a social being and no-one can thrive alone in this world. Children have been introduced to many technological devices like smart phones, touch pads, mp3 players etc., that is potentially pushing them into solitude..
18 Jul at 12:54 PM
Biswajit Jena Being a technogy savvy is the time we should tace care about our surrounding and envirnment,
26 Sep at 4:29 PM
B.mohan Kumar Technology has to be used with responsibility and restraint. We cannot all become machines due to technology!Parents need to monitor how much time a kid spends on gadgets, instead of splurging on gifts like Play stations, video games etc.
29 Nov at 10:49 PM
17 Jan at 1:04 PM
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Posted by Pati Ram Raturi
CTET Paper tomorrow: All the Best!
Posted by BT Editor
Reality of Projects Undertaken During the Courses
Posted by Pallab Maji
Wealth or Knowledge?
Posted by Simita
Technical Education in the New World Order: Prof S. S. Mantha Chairman, AICTE
Posted by Sweety Roy
CBSE FA-4 Replaced by Problem Solving Assessment (CBSE-PSA)
Posted by Jomsy
Technical education in reverse gear, 150 colleges close down
Posted by S M Ali
Babulal Nagarmal Satnalika Foundation Scholarships
Posted by Pankaj
Education in Ancient India
Posted by Pati Ram Raturi
Who should be blamed for unemployment?
Posted by Reeti Malhotra
The importance of Women educators in Education Society
Posted by Shrivallabha
Being a strict teacher, Pros and Cons
Posted by Simita
UGC-NET aspirants to get admit cards online
Posted by Soubhagya Sankar Bar
I got MY Beyond Teaching mug
Posted by Shreya Goswami
Overall appearance of a Teacher
Posted by Shubhangi
Thanks to BT for MentorNEXT Cheque
Posted by Anjali Drolia
Utilize your Sundays
Posted by Sunita Shukla
Gift Mug from Beyond Teaching
Posted by Padmini
Value of a teacher and student relationship
Posted by Ranganath Mishra
I Received MY T-shirt
Posted by Jagadish
Upgrading the education system to cope up with the Technological changes
Posted by Amitmotu75
Inclusive education and teachers
Posted by Ripudaman
Who should be our Next Generation Teachers?
Posted by Ranganath Mishra
Posted by Bhavesh
Big Debate on social networking use!
Posted by Shilpa Agrawal
Planting a tree is worthless if you can not protect it...
Posted by Gaurav
In CBSE’s Value Education handbook, 47 must-watch films
Posted by Kishore
Yahoo!!! I made it! I ordered Micromax A-75 phone!
Posted by Praveen
Posted by Ekta Garg
20 Little-Known Web Resources For Teachers
Posted by Vidyamanohar Sharma
Help needed for Standardized Attitude Scale for ICT
Posted by R Lalrinawma
Six ways to learn and/or remember your students' names
Posted by Avinash
Nationwide Education and Scholarship Test
Posted by Pankaj
CBSE Takes a Fast Track: Is All Game to Implement Student’s Opinion in Curriculu
Posted by Sweety Roy
E-Teacher Scholarship Program For 2 Online Courses by US Embassy
Posted by BT Editor
Going Global- Using Social Networking for education
Posted by S M Ali
Student Accountability
Posted by Simita
Motivating Students : 5 Simple Tips for Teachers
Posted by Tabinda Shaikh
Assam University Invites Applications for Asst Professor
Posted by B Girish
Happy Dussehra to all BT users!
Posted by Vipul
Abraham Lincoln's Famous Letter to his Son's Teacher
Posted by Subhrakanta Panda
NCERT Recruitment 2012 – 153 Faculty Vacancies
Posted by Jomsy
Why is Chemistry hard?
Posted by Reeti Malhotra
TEACHING 2030: An initiative to make teachers ready for the future.
Posted by Ankush Kumar
IIT on a high despite slump
Posted by Anshu
Australian Teachers Job Stats
Posted by Vipul
Gandhi on education
Posted by Sukhpal Parmar
Always be on time for work!
Posted by Umakanta Nanda
Students better check credentials of distance education providers
Posted by Anita Rani
Now Engineering studies becomes easy!
Posted by Aashish Choudhary
Dispersal of seeds: a wonderful helping aid to explain it
Posted by Alameelu.p.m
A useful website for ICSE
Posted by Nidhi
Knowledge Vs Experience
Posted by Reena Rana
Online Learning for CBSE Students
Posted by Nidhi
Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Society, Chandigarh invites online applications
Posted by Sangharatna
Keys to Being an Effective Principal
Posted by Pati Ram Raturi
IIT-B launches new certification course
Posted by Arun Kumar
7 Things to Tell the Teacher About Your Child
Posted by Pooja Kesarwani
Obese Kids Are Weak In Mathematics
Posted by Muralidhar Behera
CBSE to introduce Chinese language from the academic session 2012-13
Posted by Sunita
Tips to teach Chemistry mathematically!
Posted by Hem Raj
Teaching Fellow Needed In Anna University
Posted by Harikrushna Rath
Bapu, a teacher the world takes inspiration from!
Posted by Diksha
Flexible assessment by CBSE
Posted by Anuradha Sharma
Are the recent changes in the engineering entrance examination really necessary?
Posted by Uttam Anand
Shila Ghosh- A self-determined lady
Posted by Binny
GATE 2013 – No Application Fee For Female Candidates
Posted by Sanjit Kumar
Why is knowledge sharing important?
Posted by Sridevi
Universities offering M.Phil. in English via correspondence
Posted by Smita Mohanty
The Respect A Teacher Deserves
Posted by Vignesh Umesh Pai
Tips for New Teachers In The Profession
Posted by Manpreet
Actuarial Sciences Now In Delhi University
Posted by Abhi
Studying Hard vs. Studying Smart
Posted by Payal Patel
How to make young kids read non-academic books?
Posted by Swati Vatsa
APJ Abdul Kalam on Innovation & IT Industry
Posted by Kaushik
Improved Literacy Rate Over Last 10 Years - 2011 Census
Posted by A K Tripathy
Food that enhances your Brain Power
Posted by Varinder
E - version of Employment News
Posted by Nagendra
Is a ban on photocopies right?
Posted by Shashi Kiran
True Teaching using theatre!
Posted by Vaani Dua
Brain drain: The trend of moving abroad after completing higher studies
Posted by Apoorva Srivastava
A quote for a teacher's job!
Posted by Prasanta Panda
Hindi Diwas and Pakhwada
Posted by Sunita Shukla
Promote your blogs on!
Posted by BT Editor
Brave students of our nation
Posted by Megha
Need information related to Ph.D. enrolment in IIMs
Posted by Jitendra
A Quote By Plato
Posted by Vaani Dua
Suggestion for New Tagline for BT T-shirts
Posted by Ansuman Mahapatra
Teachers should be paid more
Posted by Biswajit Jena
Higher education in Mother Tongue will lead to More Inventions
Posted by Bindumadhavi P
Scilab: An Alternative to MATLAB
Posted by Pallab Maji
Adapting to change
Posted by Mehtarupal
Parents as a part of classroom teaching
Posted by Anshika
Nature as a teacher
Posted by Vaani Dua
A cartoon depicting Education in India
Posted by Jothikrishnan
Burden on students
Posted by Geeta Jain
Illiteracy problem in rural areas
Posted by Saroj Pande
Education vs Training
Posted by Harmeet Singh Sodhi
Android apps creation is an emerging field of new business opportunity.
Posted by Ansuman Mahapatra
Is there any Correlation between Education and Morals/ Good Character/ Honesty?
Posted by Satish Chandra
15-Sep: World Engineers Day
Posted by Rashmi Saxena
Direct finaly year Masters Degree?
Posted by Amod Kumar
Do Educational tours and picnics help learning?
Posted by Jagadish
Give ideas to make Maths more interesting
Posted by Piyush Joshi
Reading for pleasure
Posted by Snehlata Gupta
Changing the Education system
Posted by Geetanjali
Want to become a Teacher after MBA
Posted by Charu Latha.r
Doctoral Programmes in Development Research
Posted by Latha
6-Sep: Sarat Chandra Bose's birthday
Posted by Deepak M
Swami Vivekananda
Posted by Anamika Chaudhuri
My way of celebrating Teachers Day
Posted by Sameer Shukla
My First Post: Fear of asking doubts
Posted by Gurnam
Vedic learning: Thought to ponder
Posted by Latha
Is money everything?
Posted by Soubhagya Sankar Bar
Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan: a great thinker and master of teachers
Posted by Sunita Shukla
Quotation for all who are into Education and teaching profession
Posted by Nikhat
Maria Montessori (August 31, 1870 - May 6, 1952): A great teacher to remember
Posted by Praveen
National Summit on Quality Education
Posted by Latha
Child Abuse & Child labour
Posted by Sashikala
Managing Stress During Exams
Posted by Soubhagya Sankar Bar
Ph.D. Entrance Test 2012 at BAMU, Aurangabad
Posted by Prajakta Patil
Will the Right To Education Act bring the desirable changes in society?
Posted by Mrs Sudhanshu Dadu
Steve Jobs: How to live before you die
Posted by Sasi Teja
Is the Grading system better than marks?
Posted by Rohini Jha
Any ideas for a Science project using wet garbage?
Posted by Bhakti
Politics in education
Posted by Laila Sultana
Teachers Day ideas
Posted by Laila Sultana
Top 10 test taking tips for Students
Posted by Padmini
An interesting English word puzzle
Posted by Nidhi
Delhi Book Fair Sep 1-9, 2012
Posted by Manish Sharma
Group Discussion Topics
Posted by Sameer Shukla
Learning the Periodic Table
Posted by Akansha
Times Education Expo-Delhi 2012
Posted by Nidhi
Is EIILM University (Sikkim) UGC Approved?
Posted by Laila Sultana
Intel: Using technology to improve India's education system
Posted by Amit Saxena
Mission to nurture the best minds
Posted by Sashikala
How do we improve the Education Scenario in India
Posted by Ritesh Bajaj
EXTRA CLASSES for primary and pre-primary classes!
Posted by Shivali
Self-help is the best way to learn
Posted by K Naveen Kumar
English Medium Public Schools for tribal students in Odisha
Posted by Amrendra K Singh
Is this the way to treat children?
Posted by Dr.deepali Shah
How does one correct student behaviour?
Posted by Deepmala Kardam
Job opportunities in the field of foreign languages
Posted by Raman
The importance of preparing a lesson plan
Posted by Anuradha Sharma
Women security- a growing concern
Posted by Monika Ahuja
Why are teachers paid so meagerly?
Posted by Nandini Mohan
Importance of Playgrounds in schools
Posted by Sunita Prasanna A
Discussing Power Grid Failure in classroom
Posted by Sashikala
Information about NET Exams by CSIR and UGC
Posted by Aishwarya Tandon
Higher education for everyone?
Posted by Pooja Karakoti
Is there anything like "perfect research"?
Posted by Jill Joy
Is Internet good or bad for students?
Posted by Padmini
Are we using these skills to make teaching learning effective?
Posted by Nikhat
How to make your class more interesting!
Posted by Gunjan Bhatnagar
Teaching using real accessories
Posted by Sunita Shukla
For CBSE students and teachers
Posted by Udita Kothari
How do I clear CTET? Can Beyond teaching site GUIDE me for the preparation?
Posted by Prachi
Two interesting Math fallacies
Posted by Udita Kothari
How frequently should we have exams?
Posted by Padmini
Have you learnt something new today?
Posted by Sameer Shukla
What Board should we follow in One India Brand?
Posted by Dr. Vinay Narula
Every child has a right to education
Posted by Amit
Is it necessary to have a B.Ed qualification for teaching?
Posted by Ankita Aggarwal
Tips for a life-long learner
Posted by Mala
While studying, is it okay to listen to music?
Posted by Praveen
Water Conservation made easy through Soak Pit
Posted by Sunita Shukla
School-on-wheels launched in Delhi for slum children
Posted by Amrendra K Singh
Open-book exam likely for CBSE students
Posted by Udita Kothari
ANAND NIKETAN, A democratic school in BHOPAL,M.P
Posted by Shivali
Dealing with student behaviour in the class
Posted by Fatimafarhana
T Srinivas- a multifaceted teacher
Posted by Gopinath
Stories are the very useful fillers as well as good classroom management device
Posted by Shivali
Education loan process revised
Posted by Mukul Singhal
Teaching is a skill
Posted by Shadab Mazhari
The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes
Posted by Gopinath
Who is a teacher?
Posted by Ashwani
Help average students find their choice of stream after XII
Posted by Anita Singh

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