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SMU Exam Auditors

MeritTrac, one of our prestigious clients, is looking for, Exam Auditors in the following locations

Roles and responsibilities:
a. See that the exam is conducted in a free and fair manner.
b. All students are seated as per the seating plan.
c. All students carry their ID card/admit card, or have been properly identified with approval from the University.
d. Only authorized University representatives /IT personnel and center in charge is allowed in the hall.
e. No form of malpractice, cheating or usage of books, chits other aids is permitted.
f. The students are not downloading any study material on their computers/computers shouldn’t have internet connection.
g. The examination is conducted on the secure browser only and the candidates do not use other browsers to take the examination. This can be done on test basis in about 5-10 candidates computers, by minimizing the screen.
h. To see if any suspicious activity is going on around the centers involving outsiders, who may be there to help the candidates.
i. To keep watch on whether any other room nearby is used for solving papers /or where computers are on.

a. You must fill the Daily Exam Report after logging into www.beyondteaching.com. After Login, please click on the link “DAILY AUDITOR REPORT” in the left panel to fill the form.

Expected profile:
a. Preferred people with some experience, who are upright, and can be firm in dealing with untoward incidents if found at the centres.
b. Minimum graduation is required
c. Locals or within the radius of about 100 Km from the location.

Days of working:
a. The Auditors will work for 2-5 days during the entire stretch of the SMU Examination Schedule depending on the centre and the university requirements.

Time of working:
a. The Auditors will spend the whole day at one centre. They may also be required to cover up to 3 centres in and around the city in a day at times.

a. Rs. 500 will be paid for one working day irrespective of the time spent at work.
b. Payments will be made after the completion of the examination schedule within 30 days.
c. Payment will be authorized only if you send the daily reports without fail.
d. Payments will be done by electronic transfer only.

In case of outstation visits, the Auditors will be paid up to Rs. 200 per day towards conveyance. The local conveyance amount is Rs. 150 per day.
This opportunity will cost you 10 BT points.