Teacher who inspire, David Calle from spain is the one


David Calle was one of the finalist in the top 10 teachers in the world to receive a global teacher prize in 2017. The award is considered as the Nobel prize for teachers.

He founded Unicoos a video website to support education beyond the classroom. His website videos have been viewed by more than 30 million students. Check the other finalist here. David is from Spain and lives in Madrid. He is a maths and science teacher.

David has 20 years of work experience as a teacher and he knows what kind of problems students face, what may be the questions and what’s important. He keeps that in mind while making these videos.

All this started 10 years back when David Calle has issues with the classroom teaching and he was concerned about the lack of support for students outside the classroom. He turned to YouTube for the solution and uploaded a maths video, this video started gathering views and that inspired David Calle to record more videos for the students in the field of elementary science covering subjects like physics, chemistry and maths.

David has kept Unicoos free and in case you want to take advantage of the channel and help students in your school feel free to do so. The videos are 5-10 minute sessions for the students from class 6 or entry level at high school. It is fun and enjoyable to watch his videos and in addition to these he replies to lot of comments, questions from students every day on comments, email and fan mail and that’s why the students are happy to learn from the videos.

The videos have been viewed by over 30 million students helping them in many aspects of problem-solving. The channel has got over 2 million followers on Facebook. This channel is helping many students who cannot afford a tutor or coaching after the school.

The channel is termed by Google as the channel with the biggest social impact in Spain and the website Unicoos was chosen by Fundación Telefónica as one of the World’s Top 100 Educational Innovations. David has an inspirational story and an engineer, he has focused on making science popular among students. Check the video below. When students say when you have a teacher who is genuinely dedicated, you can really tell the difference.

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