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International Guru

International guru is a title earned by a teacher when he/she associates with Beyond Teaching to guide students to study abroad: A teacher association with Beyond Teaching empowers them to coach the students better. Beyond Teaching acts like a backbone for the International Guru to help them direct and guide the students at every step of studying abroad.

How to become an International Guru?


You need to have willingness & enthusiasm to work in international student recruitment space & should be ready to sign an agreement with Beyond Teaching. The eagerness and commitment to council students will serve as an added advantage. The International Guru should be passionate about the better future of the students and help them achieve the best of academic qualifications for a better future.

Why become an International Guru?


Over 3.5 million students go & study abroad. This number is most likely to change to 5 million by 2020 & 10 million by 2030. Students are often inspired to pitch on an overseas education for a global career, which ultimately makes the role of an International Guru all the more significant. With increasing awareness about the benefits of foreign education, Indian students want to become a global citizen & get exposure globally. The kind of exposure foreign education provides, encourages the students to study abroad.

Why a teacher is best suited for the role?


Becoming a teacher/International Guru is like a blessing for the students. Students rely on teachers and 30% of their decisions are based on teachers guidance. A teacher’s role is not limited to imparting education. This admirable and irreplaceable job also includes shaping students’ career to help them excel in every field they pick for themselves.


Students Study Abroad

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Students Study in Australia


Students will study abroad by 2020

Beyond Teaching Association

Beyond Teaching has associated with ATMC, a leading college in australia to bring International Guru Platform in india for teachers. Beyond Teaching and ATMC bring a lot of value to each other while Beyond Teaching brings teachers to ATMC. ATMC provides International exposure and opportunities to teachers.