Best Dictionary/Thesaurus Apps for Android

Good Dictionary or Thesaurus is something everyone loves to have on their phone. People even have thesauruses in different languages wherein they can find new words and look for their meaning.

Nowadays people love to learn new words, spelling and their usage in the English language. They even download multiple thesauruses from play store to learn different words and their meanings in different languages instead of a dictionary.

Using the same words over and over again is never a good idea. Especially when you’re writing something long like a book or you write frequently like a blogger. It’s always a good idea to have a wide variety of vocabulary to keep things interesting. We can help with that. Here are the best thesaurus apps for Android! A lot of dictionary apps have come with built-in thesauruses. We have our best list of those linked just below if you want to hit two birds with one stone.

If you are merely looking for a dictionary because you occasionally need to lookup a word, and/or check it's spelling or usage, then I would go for Merriam-Webster (despite its American bias!) or

Both of these will let you use Audio to enter words, and they both provide good context and examples of word usage. You can download the dictionaries for off line use, and the apps let you hyper-link which is a nice shortcut. Plus all the little nice to have such as word-of-the day, etc.

The BEST of the best

If, however, you REALLY want to have the best at your fingertips, then you must put money on the table and buy the Shorter Oxford Dictionary and it isn't cheap, either. So what do you get for your money?

To start with 600k+ words, downloadable. And that's as near as you could ever get to need or use. It has a (brief) history of the language and it's main roots (including a transliteration table), but those are really just a nice to have. 

Surprisingly for so many words, it often doesn't include derivatives. For example, take the word we just used up there, transliteration. You will find transliterate, then down below you'll see the list of derivatives defined but you can't go directly to it. This is a pity, because the web lookup will take you to the derivative section in the verb's definition. But this is just a minor quibble. No doubt that will be sorted in a future update.

This is the dictionary for the person who goes to the edges of the language. (Note that the full Oxford dictionary is also on the App Store but I suspect only the scholarly or deeply interested amateurs will want to purchase it. Well, maybe scrabble enthusiasts looking for arcane words!

Maybe you only need a Thesaurus?
Curiously enough, most people can get by with a Thesaurus or find more convenient and there I would suggest either Merriam Webster's edition, or Collins. Both let you download the words for off-line access.

Why a Thesaurus?
Well, because it gives you the key synonyms of a word, starting with the most popular usages. So if you have a good idea of the word, you can often get a better flavour of it (or find a more suitable word). Sadly, Roget's is not available now. For that, get a Kindle and buy the (hyperlinked) updated Roget).


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