What is the Biggest lie in Science?

Real science is science that was replicated and proven many times. By that definition, nearly no science produced today is real science. Replication does not produce publications, which are necessary to further the career of a researcher. Nor it produces funding, which is necessary to actually pursue a research. In other words: It is rare to find a researcher willing to replicate studies.

Science is a scientific study that is proved not hidden. Science believes in the practical study and observable phenomena. "Anything that is observed and is practically seen is the truth. Science doesn't believe in fascinations and anything that is not visible". Its study is simple and is based on research that is deeply done and proved. Still, there are many things, that science is unable to prove and these things are merely observed by people.

And the ones that do exist find such work extremely hard. Why? Because most published research doesn’t contain enough information to be replicated. Pages in a paper are too precious to be ‘wasted’ with parameters and minor details. The research publishers are not interested in this information at all.

But science productions gets worse than just p-hacking. This set of techniques actually isn’t even considered a bad thing by many researchers, it is just standard practice. What is worse is that many researchers use this non-replicability to twist their results from ‘nothing meaningful’ to ‘publishable’. Why? Because publishers and funders not only are not interested in replicated studies, they are not interested in nearly anything that is not a ‘finding'.

The publishers want the papers to be bought, and the companies who fund research often have vested commercial interests in it. Another biggest lie that science is hiding is about the presence of God. There are many people who observed and have felt the presence of God many times. Not only people but also great personalities believe in god. Though many people are atheists. But the atheist is chosen because they do not believe in the presence of God. And the reason for not believing in the presence of God, even they are not aware of. And after so many attempts by scientists of different subjects they are not able to prove the presence of God.

However, there are also scientists who produce bad research by mistake. Software produced by the academia is known to be buggy and badly tested. I have worked for many research groups and not even once I saw a software that had automated tests or a decent documentation. Are your results really significant or the result of a bug? Who knows. Such software may or may not be open source, which may turn research produced with it impossible to replicate.

Another bad thing about how science is produced today is that publishers lock papers behind very expensive paywalls. Which is a problem both in terms of replicability and of knowledge sharing with the public.

It also consumes plenty of resources from the universities to access these paywalls. Oh, and the nice thing: The publishers don’t even pay the researchers to produce these papers. It has barely any cost for them.

And another of the big lies of the decade is the so-called man-made global warming. There has been some global warming if we can believe the data is trustworthy.  But to rush to judgement that the world is going to Hell fast because of the carbon dioxide emission of humans on Earth seems to be more motivated by politics leftist communist politics than by real science. The science is there and it says the earth has not warmed in last 16 or 17 years. 

Prior to the indicated warming period of a few decades, there were a few decades of global cooling, yet this was during the period of rapid industrialisation in the post World War II period. Carbon dioxide production was exponentially increasing, yet global temperatures consistently fell. It is then a scientific fact that there was an anti-correlation in that period. You could have argued (erroneously) that mankind’s carbon dioxide emissions were causing global cooling. To say that global warming (if it any longer exists) is due to man’s activities is another big scientific lie.


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