5 Ways To Improve The Memory Of Early Learners

A lot of adults suffer from poor memory that affects their everyday lives. By following a few effective tricks to improve the memory power of early learners, we can ensure that kids don’t face memory retention problems as they turn into adults. So here are 5 fun ways to improve memory power of early learners:

Rhymes and Songs

Stress causes the brain intake systems to send information to the reactive brain and prevents information flow. Establish enjoyable learning patterns for students so that they come & join by themselves. Kids are naturally attracted by the musically enriched environment. Teachers should take this method into the classroom in effective ways.


Grab Attention

‘Advertise’ the future chapters or topics. Curiosity open's up the brain's sensory intake filter so when the topic comes up in class or in reading it will grab her/him attention. 


Brain Games & Flashcards

If you add some personal interest to the pattern full text and make it more vibrant and colorful or engaging one. Then students will automatically read, adapt and memorize them because then it’ll not remain as monotonous as they were earlier. Like puzzles and other similar stuff does work. 


Relational Memories

The brain keeps information in short-term memory for less than a minute unless it connects with prior knowledge. Activate your child's prior knowledge by reminding him/her of things you've done as a family or that he's learned in other subjects that relate to the new information


There is something magical about stories that pique our interest and gives wings to our imagination. Since early childhood, we are introduced to the world of fairytales and fantasies through stories that contain underlined moral values. The aim of these stories is not just to entertain the kids but to teach them various lessons and morals. Through the art of storytelling, one can teach any topic to early learners and be assured that the lesson will be etched in their memories thanks to its connection with a fascinating story.

It is a well-known fact that children learn faster than adults. Kids have an amazing grasping power and a curiosity to learn what makes them better attuned to absorb knowledge as compared to grown-ups. We just need to enhance the creative parts for them.


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