Do money matters in terms of performance (Discover the new learning methods)

Recent studies majorly focused upon the co-relation between school education and condition of the economic status of students. Especially in between their higher aspirations and so in their results as well. How it’ll affect their performance and how we can handle it. Let’s take a look.


Classroom Variations 

In a classroom, there's not just a number of multiple students, in fact, these students came from different social, cultural and financial backgrounds. Their emotional and psychological behaviors also vary person to person. So in one section of the classroom, multiple variations are present to diversify the enrich experience of cooperative learning. 

Importance of Cooperative Learning

Research shows cooperative learning helps to produce higher self-esteem, greater social support and it will boost the results also. One of the major benefits of cooperative learning is to make each member a stronger individual. Through this teaching method, you can figure out that where's the lack in that whole learning process. 

Is family issues are the reason behind the poor results or because of low financial support students couldn't maintain their performance. After figuring out these issues teachers can help their students. 

Discover the Reason First

Generally,  we abuse students if they cannot do expected result in the examination but have you ever asked them why they could not make a good result. Have you thought about their family background, economic condition? Whether the student could take private tuition or not, whether he/she could buy books of their need, whether his/her family could provide them sufficient foods and clothing, whether they could burn the midnight oil. We should analyze many things before abusing a student why they could not make good results in the examination. "You are good for nothing" this dialogue will demoralize students for further progress in their life.  "You will never shine in life"  after hearing this dialogue students will stop studying books.

How to Resolve 

We should encourage them, we should show them ways of study so that they can make a good result. As a teacher, we should suggest students buy additional books to study more, to study regularly with the pace of school class teaching. I have seen students studying books superficially and not with classroom teaching. That is a wrong practice. Firstly, students should keep pace with classroom teaching and that's why we give value to the regular stream. After maintaining class teaching,  students can study other books for better results. Secondly, it is important to give slightly more attention towards this kind of students who're struggling in their private life already. We need to tell them that numbers are just figures. They are important but knowledge is something else. Which has no money related pathways. Economical backgrounds can be surpassed like Mr. Anand Kumar is doing in his life. 

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Photo by  Nithi Anand