Can Creativity be taught? How important is it for the teachers?


We live in a world that is creative. Everyone of us have different abilities and skills. We apply different strategies, abilities and skills on the basis of our knowledge, experiences, environment and genetic composition to some extent.

What is Creativity? Creativity isn't something that is taught in classroom. Modulating anything that has already been done is not creativity. Instead creativity is something which is unique, ideas, techniques that makes things look different as they were before.

Creativity isn’t just responsible for crayon drawings hanging on refrigerators and canvases on gallery walls research suggests that creative individuals tend to earn more money, live happier lives, and generate more new ideas across all industries. Yet that same research suggests that less than half the population thinks they are actually living up to their creative potential.

And worse still, many school systems don’t always have the teaching methods or resources to implement solutions for creative education in the classroom.

We have to stop and think, can we really teach our kids how to be creative within the boundaries of a classroom or is it something that is inborn? Creativity is definitely different to different people and for some, inventing new ways to do the same things might be creative; while for others, discovering new things is all about creativity. But whatever is the concept, motivation should be given to children to be more inventive in education.

As a teacher, you can do lot to cultivate creativity among your students and let them utilize their brain. Share with your class the attributes of being a creative person through the lives of great names in the creative field; sharing their life stories including how they used to generate ideas or how they dealt with all kind of reactions from everyone around will surely motivate them.

Discussions on how important it is for everyone to be curious to learn new things and also how to deal with failure should also be included. For all these discussions and other motivational activities, being the teacher, you must develop a creativity friendly classroom where great ideas and views can shared freely.

Develop a classroom where the flow of invention is not disrupted by the regular class routines, textbooks and assignments. A proper creativity driven classroom is characterized by encouragement to question-answer sessions, assessment of performance and feedback, a class that promotes cooperation with others when it comes to sharing ideas as well as the rightful independence needed to let creativity flourish. In short, create a place where all these activities flourish and not discouraged.

In order to make a classroom creative, a teacher too has to be creative, to a great extent. Creative teaching can only be a part of a classroom if the teacher presiding over is an ingenious individual. A teacher who is creative enough to be part of the innovative classroom can design exciting new lessons, motivate the right classroom environment required for students to showcase their innovative minds.

Often, it has been seen that creative teaching hardly stimulates any kind of innovative ideas in students and thus, the entire idea of a creative classroom fails! So, it does depends on the teacher and the environment of the place of teaching to let those young brains start flying with bright colors.

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