Learn Five Technical Skills to Buttress Your Teaching

The use of technology has crept up over the years in education arena and teachers feigning to be good teachers but not tech savvy are actually digging their own grave.

Whether you are involved in secondary education, higher education, special education or elementary education, all of us find it difficult to put up, catch up and keep up with fast-moving computer-based technology. Since the introduction of the blackboard, no teacher has ever witnessed a piece of equipment making such a huge difference as computers do today. Today, even computers have become obsolete and teachers heavily depend upon laptops, wireless laptops, and tablet PCs. Additionally, we have the World Wide Web, CD burners, scanners, digital cameras, USB drives, digital video cameras, PDAs as well as DVD and video players. And most educators use a variety of tools including e-mail, video, online programs such as WebCT and Blackboard desktop conferencing and video-conferencing to teach. Thus, being technology illiterate is not acceptable for teachers.

Bearing that in mind, we have prepared a list of technology skills that every teacher should have. Since computer and associated technologies continue to change and evolve, teachers should leave no stones unturned to achieve excellence in their work.

1. Word Processing Skills

Amidst the plethora of skills that educators should master, good knowledge of some type of word processing program to accomplish written tasks in a timely manner can increase a teacher’s productivity multifold times.

Refer the following sites for tutorials and helpful information.

              Office 2000 tutorials.


2. Spreadsheets Skills

Ability to use some type of spreadsheet will help educators compile grades and chart data. Refer the following websites for tutorials and helpful information on these skills.

A listing of various Web sites for spreadsheet tutorials and related information.

  This page has numerous internet links that guide you on using spreadsheet programs

Spreadsheet tutorials from TutorGig.

               Getting the hang of excel would not be that difficult with this tutorial. A coherent and            

               the organic approach would help you understand the abstruse concepts.

Spreadsheet tutorials which are extended by Technology, the Web Portal for Educators.


3. Database Skills

Teachers should be capable of using some type of database program to store and retrieve data and query data and to create tables. The following Web sites can be referred for tutorials and helpful information on these skills.

Database tutorials from the University of Alberta.

  The Advanced Technology Research Branch of the Hawaii Department of Education had created this tutorial to provide supplemental productivity tool information to teachers enrolled in the Technology Telecommunication for Teachers (T3) Program.

Microsoft Access database tutorials from R&D Robotics.

Essential Microsoft Office 2000 tutorials from the University of Pittsburgh's Bernie Poole and Rebecca L. Randall.

A listing of Web sites for database tutorials, help and related information


4. Electronic Presentation Skills

It is expected from teachers that they could effortlessly run electronic presentation software to create and give electronic presentations. Refer the following Web sites for helpful information and tutorials on these skills.


5 World Wide Web navigation skills
Needless to say, in the age of the internet, teachers should know to navigate and search effectively for data on the internet. See the following Web sites for helpful information and tutorials on these skills.


A listing of the top search engines and directories categorized by Yahoo!

An educational Web portal that provides links to search engines and searching techniques.


Having the knowledge of these five technical skills will definitely help you stand apart from your peers. Chewing over the facts, it can be safely concluded that without getting a good fix on technical skills, it is not possible for teachers to excel in their profession. With the advent of the internet, learning anything new is not so tough. Teachers can easily buttress their technical skills using the internet and the article talked about the same and suggested some websites relevant to educators.