Union Budget 2018-19: Five things Indian education sector expects

Last year’s budget listed education as amongst the “9 pillars”. About 6% of the GDP was allocated last year which was 3.3% in 2012. In the world rankings, Indian Institutes are lag behind due to lack of basic research and development infrastructure. 

Researchers at the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy in Delhi have analyzed the budget of 12 states alongside public data on student enrollment and teacher salaries to estimate what it would take for the state to meet the minimum standards on education. Every state needs more teachers, three out of twelve states are spending less than half of what is needed per student. So, here we're thinking about some essential requirements and expectations from the upcoming budget for the education sector.

1.    More focus on primary education: By implementing this step our education system will flourish from the roots. 
2.    Generate more jobs for the teaching section: This one step can achieve two major goals, one is to provide employment and the other one is to take our level of education a step further. 
3.    World-class infrastructure to encourage industrial engagement: For transforming our youth into professionals who can outdo in all fields.  
4.    With a good amount of allocation for higher researchers as wellNew results are always in the interest of the social development. 
5.    Minimal taxes on education sector: Till now as per the GST council, the government will continue to levy education cess on imported goods but with the implementation of goods and services tax (GST), how the education cess will be used is not very clear yet. If the budget would be more functional and transparent with minimal application of taxes on related duties and stuff it will be a huge favor of the academic sector.

This is all we need from the upcoming budget. Right to education is one of the fundamental rights in India still it’s hard to achieve on the outskirts of cities. Modern economic growth has little room for people with low education levels. This is the case, why parents from rural places are letting their children study well beyond the age when they had themselves joined the workforce. They are ready to invest heavily in education but lack of infrastructure is the biggest hurdle. We hope that this coming budget of 2018-19 will definitely bring a lot of goodies for the whole education system including educators, parents, and students. 

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