Why we should use Silence in a Classroom

Several studies have found that pausing for three or more seconds showed a noticeable positive impact on learning.



  • The External Thinkers, those go-to students who can be counted on to talk within the first three seconds, maybe shaping their ideas as they talk—they haven’t had sufficient time to fully process but speak out anyway.
  • The Internal Thinkers have also had insufficient time to process, but don’t feel comfortable responding.



  • To process what they know and to make sense of what they do not understand.
  • The process of how learners make sense of ideas, compose their thinking and prepare a thoughtful answer.
  • Sometimes, to boost the confidence level of students. So that they don’t hesitate to

share anything.



  • Students will have a collection of conversations. Multiple experiences will form their imagination.
  • Introverts can improve their skills in public speaking.


Required Time: 

  • Give students five to 15 seconds to formulate a response to a question for which they should know the answer.


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