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Parwarish was born to make a difference in the area of parenting. The dictionary meaning of parenting means ‘the upbringing and care of a child’. Thus, parenting is the work of not just the parents but also of the teachers.

Our aim is to cause a paradigm shift in the way we look at parenting and Teaching.

Established in 2008, the company focuses on bringing education and science in the area of parenting through specially designed workshops that cater to the requirements of parents and teachers of children from all age groups. We have developed highly interactive workshops and coaching programs that guide and provide support to parents and teachers. The workshops empower them to find their own solutions to everyday issues and work towards creating a stimulating environment for their children. We are committed to make parenting and teaching a more comfortable and joyful experience for the parents and teachers so that they can raise effectively healthy, happy and productive children.

Beyond Teaching is proud to be associated with Parwarish to bring their world-class training programs online to the community. At the completion of a "paid" course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion by BT-Parwarish.

Teacher Training Programs
SessionTime DurationPrice 
Role of Education: Nurturing the No-limitness of our students (1.5 hours)

1.5 hours Rs. 500 FREE Register for this Free session
scheduled for 02-Dec at 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Relationship with each and every child (4 sessions)
  • Role of a teacher (2 hours)
  • Enhancing Self esteem of students (2 hours)
  • Getting through to students (ability to listen and understand) (2 hours)
  • Identifying Learning styles (2 hours)
8 hours Rs. 2000 Batch dates to be announced
Subjects and Life skills (5 sessions)
  • The need for Studies/ subjects/ Education (2 hours)
  • Enjoying studies- Creating Gratification (2 hours)
  • Dealing with Failure: ‘Failure is WOW’ (2 hours)
  • Lesson planning – Theories and methodologies (2 hours)
  • Lesson Planning – practice (2 hours)
10 hours Rs. 2500 Batch dates to be announced
Classroom management (4 sessions)
  • Lesson planning (2 hours)
  • Managing groups in the class (2 hours)
  • Formulating Rules and consequences (2 hours)
  • Identifying Learning styles in the class (2 hours)
8 hours Rs. 2000 Batch dates to be announced
Inculcating Self Discipline (5 sessions)
  • Why punishments/ rewards/ reprimands do not work in the long run (2 hours)
  • Communication: Listening & dealing with feelings (2 hours)
  • Communication Iceberg: why communications break down and the way forward (2 hours)
  • Taking the Onus: I- messages (2 hours)
  • Working out together: Formulating Rules and consequences (2 hours)
10 hours Rs. 2500 Batch dates to be announced
Self Development (3 sessions)
  • Dealing with Failure: ‘Failure is WOW’ (2 hours)
  • Dealing with parents (2 hours)
  • Time management (2 hours)
6 hours Rs. 1500 Batch dates to be announced