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Teachers Training courses in India

Pearson Instructor Education


Pearson Instructor Education is a time-efficient instructional training service that turns subject matter experts into confident and capable online and classroom educators, and serves as a great resource for professional development of those currently working in education.

In a first-of-its-kind initiative, Beyond Teaching brings these courses in a faculty-driven classroom format that combines the Pearson content with expert faculty to deliver high value to the participants. Each course in the program was created and written by a professional educator, and contains standard educational theory, presented in a way that is engaging and easy to understand.

Pearson Instructor Education lesson screens are interactive and enlightening, with realistic scenarios, quick checks, onscreen assignments and journaling opportunities. Furthermore, the courses are inclusive of quizzes, assignments and final exams. The classroom courses, either in online or in-class format, will be guided by the faculty to involve the participants in a continuous learning mode.

Course details
The 41 courses are available in 6 categories mentioned below:
  1. Classroom Management (9 courses)
  2. Emotional Intelligence (5 courses)
  3. Learning Theory (4 courses)
  4. Planning for Effective Teaching (4 courses)
  5. Strategies for Assessment and Instruction (12 courses)
  6. Technology (7 courses)
To view the details of courses within the categories above, please click here to download this file.

Features of Pearson Instructor Education Courses:
  • Driven by expert and trained faculty*
  • Discussion questions that engage learners on a deeper intellectual level*
  • Meaningful assignments to apply course content to the teaching experience
  • End of lesson quizzes to check lesson comprehension
  • Final assessment of content mastery
  • Journaling assignment with each lesson
  • Support materials and services
  • Certificate for Satisfactory Completion jointly by Pearson and Beyond Teaching
*Not applicable for the first course option-"Self-learning fully online"
Content Expert + Pearson Instructor Education = Prepared Educator

Course options and fees
OptionFaculty-supportPlace of deliveryPaper Certificate of Completion from BT-PearsonCourse feesHow to proceed
fully online
NoOnlineYesRs. 2,250Proceed to choose course(s)
fully online
YesOnlineYesRs. 3,500"Blended Learning: An Introduction" Course under "Technology" category commences on 14-Dec.
6 hours of online instruction + Access to Pearson Online portal.
Register Now
YesIn the nearest BT CentreYesAvailable at the centreBatch dates and centres to be announced
in your own institution
YesIn your own school/ collegeYesAvailable on requestSend a request to support@beyondteaching.com with the subject line: "Pearson Instructor Education Courses" or call us at +91-731-428 2617 (Mon-Fri: 10 am - 5 pm)


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