Artist turns to all things old for inspiration


An old family radio, a typewriter, a cane chair, and all things old are an inspiration for artist Jasleena Singh.

She recreates these humble objects on the canvas to make little studies of still life and socio cultural lifestyles that go back to deeper reflections. A collection of her paintings will be on view at the Lalit Kala Akademi here from May 11.

A three part compositional set of realist works, the lantern series, the tea series and the retro series, the show positions her as a follower of decadence. Singh says that this body of work was fuelled with old school styling and day to day used instruments. She believes that life is about cherishing our history and reminiscing the past. "My work is about objects used in our day to day lives, which are now rarely used or just lying rusted in a corner. These works include my very own personal take on art with joy and pastel shades of the retro era," she said.

Ranging from literal interpretations to metaphorical synthesis, these paintings incorporate dreams, emotions and expressions that influence her work.

She renders the old worldly charm to her works with the use of old texts and paper, calligraphy, different fonts on her canvas as a background, whilst preserving the physical vanity of the objects or elements of the bygone era. The paintings also portray the ever-growing sentiments, local histories and narratives of folklore and tradition.

Singh depicts her subjects in a way that their existence is akin to structures like monuments, that remind one of an era where all this was an essential part. "Through this body of work, I am trying to portray the rich legacy and cultural history of our bygone era, while showing the displacement and migration, which was hence brought to independence after a huge long struggle," she said.

The show will come to a close on May 17.

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