Mental and Physical benefits of Yoga


The latest shocking revelation comes from the U.S. where nearly 20 percent of new school teachers leave their profession within the first five years because of anxiety and disappointment felt at work, claims a 2015 federal report from The Institute for Education Sciences. If you're planning to become a primary/ preschool teacher next year then start your day with following benefits:

Benefits of Yoga for Teachers & Educators

Yoga is beneficial for the mind and emotional wellness. Yoga has many physiological advantages like expanded adaptability and diminished muscle firmness. Some of the major benefits are:

Psychological/mental well-being

For the ones who feel burdened or stressed, yoga can be very helpful for them. According to the British Psychological Society, yoga entails concentration on the breath, which makes the perfect way to soothe a person's thoughts and release stress.

Yoga helps with Anxiety and Depression

Yoga has been proved to be beneficial in lowering your anxiety and depression. According to a Harvard University article, yoga can help in dealing with stressful situations. With its potential to lower blood strain, it enhances respiratory function in the body. Yoga provides you with different ways to cope with and remedy tension and depression.

Yoga boosts Memory and Improves Concentration

There may also come certain instances in your life where you find it tough to concentrate on your everyday tasks. Thankfully, you now have a way to deal with this issue. Yoga has been proven to be powerful at enhancing your attention span. As you take away the static noise and thoughts in your head, you'll find your memory, learning, and overall cognitive performance.

Yoga supports Intellectual Fitness

With the numerous instances of mental disorders identified in teens, it has turned out to be vital to find approaches to save you the onset of such intellectual fitness situations. Yoga is a beneficial method that can be used to shield children from intellectual ailments.

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