Robot Teachers To Stamp Out Traditional Teaching Techniques


The article talks about the future of teaching. It speaks of how in the future years' robot teachers will completely stamp out traditional teaching techniques.The coming of smart-classes has considerably changed the face of the classrooms. With the smart classes having a full blown impact in schools, it is not difficult to imagine a time in the near future when technology will have the potential to make teachers completely superfluous.

The digital modules and lessons have taken over the teaching techniques in classrooms. Predictions by some educationists suggest that ten years down the line "intelligent machines" which will be so adaptive as much as to suit to every student's learning ability individually. The creation of machines which will possess the intelligence to read through a student's mind, countenance and demeanour is underway in the Silicon Valley. Such machines will have programmes which will be capable of choosing the method of communication, best-suited to a student's needs.

The benefits of such robot teachers are several. It will facilitate one-on-one learning. It will also render an entirely personalized learning to the students, giving them enough space to learn at their own pace. The software is being designed to help a student cover his academic itinerary with ease.

A novel invention comes but never without risks entailed to it. This potentially might leave the teachers on their back foot. While the robot teachers will be responsible for most of the fundamental learnings of a student, the teacher's presence might be reduced to a mere classroom assistant.

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