Top 10 Rewarding Jobs for Teachers


If you are fagged out doing classroom teaching, this article Top 10 Rewarding Jobs for Teachers will help you a great deal pick up alternative career option. A passionate teachers having a burning desire to teach and make difference in the lives of kids can not only contribute to teaching profession but also try their hands on alternate jobs. Many teachers are prone to mull over the meaningful careers that exist in education besides classroom teaching.

Based on my research, I have created a list of alternative career options for educators that are:

Create curricular materials for an education company.

You know all of those books, teacher resources, wonderful websites you use to enhance your teacher? Chances are, a team of current or former educators is working behind the scenes to design them. Some of these jobs are full time and some can be done online part-time. This partial list of education companies that hire teachers can get you started.

Pursue non-classroom positions within the school system.

In addition to the obvious assistant principal and principal positions, you may be able to find an opening for guidance counselor, a special education coordinator, math or reading coach, speech or occupational therapist, Title 1 teacher, school psychologist, or central/district office roles (such as curriculum specialists.) Most of these jobs need special schooling and certification, but if you have a connection and know that a position will be opening up, you might want to pursue the additional training.

I also know teachers who have gotten certified as speech pathologists and reading coaches and then relocated to other parts of the country to find a position. If the work is something you really feel passionate about doing, the move might be worth it!

Become a museum educator or guide at a local attraction.

As former educators are adept at managing large groups of children on field trips, they are highly sought after for these positions. Explore historical sites, children’s museums, etc. that are near you.

Teach GED or life skills courses in a prison or youth detention center.

As a prison teacher, you cannot make as much money as a classroom teacher. Mostly, the prison teacher is a public school teacher who would not go back to his or her old position for a million bucks. Often they’re working only with inmates who want to be in the classes, and since there are always deputies around, discipline and respect issues are nearly non-existent.

Start your own tutoring business.

Tutoring companies are not paymasters but if you build up your own clientele definitely you can make serious money. I know a teacher who tutors children in small groups four days a week and makes more money than a regular teacher.

Teach home-bound kids.

If you are not just a teacher but a benevolent person as well, you may teach students who are gravely ill and unable to come to school. Most public school systems house teachers who attend to such kids and are called on to teach in the hospital rooms or homes of such children. These educators often get paid a regular teacher’s salary but only work with kids one-on-one.

Become an instructor for online K-12 schools.

The demand for online teachers surges every year and it’s a terrific way to do what you love AND work from home. Like classroom teaching, you will have a tremendous amount of work in online teaching as well and with little extra efforts, you can definitely make a killing.

Sell your teaching materials on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Firstly, you need to know that for sure, it’s no get-rich-quick scheme. To succeed, you will need to have a talent for graphic design, tons of original ideas, and a passion for spending a lot of time networking, blogging, and social media promotion. But with a lot of hard work, you can join the ranks of a growing number of TPTers who are able to do it full time. If you’re not sure how to get started, check out Teaching Blog Traffic School.

Contract as a teacher for homeschool kids.

Homeschool is catching on among parents and they are more interested than ever before. So the market grows for specialists to teach the subjects parents cannot. I know a group of homeschoolers who hire art, PE, and music teachers once a week to teach those subjects to their kids. Likewise, it’s not uncommon now to hire science and maths teachers to instruct children in the advanced concepts that parents cannot.

Do educational consulting.

  • There are so many different avenues to explore:
  • Do online webinars
  • Conduct professional development in local schools
  • Instructional coaching

You can swimmingly do all these jobs both as a freelancer and as an independent consultant. You can find more resources on the Becoming an Educational Consultant page or check out Educational Consulting School. After chasing hectic schedules and leading a monotonous life for years, many teachers prefer to switch to some other jobs in education field if you are one of them this article will help you a great deal.