14 Most Important Facts You Should Know About Teachers


For the most part, teachers are under-appreciated and undervalued. This is especially sad considering the tremendous impact that teachers have on a daily basis. Teachers are some of the most influential people in the world, yet the profession is continuously put down and mocked instead of being respected and revered. A large majority of people have misconceptions about teachers and do not truly understand what it takes to be an effective teacher.

What You May Not Know About Teachers

The following statements are generalized.

Though each statement may not be true for every teacher, they are indicative of the thoughts, feelings, and work habits of the majority of teachers.

Teachers do not become teachers because they are not smart enough to do anything else. Instead, they become

  • teachers because they want to make a difference in shaping young people’s lives.
  • Teachers are passionate people who enjoy making a difference.
  • Teachers do not just work from 8-3 with summers off. Most arrive early, stay late, and take papers home to grade. Summers are spent preparing for the next year and at professional development opportunities.
  • Teachers love students who come to class every day with a good attitude and genuinely want to learn.
  • Teachers enjoy bouncing ideas, collaboration and best practices off of each other and supporting each other.
  • Teachers get frustrated with students who do not strive to further their potential. On the flip side, students who notch up success by dint of their hard work are always acclaimed by them.
  • Teachers respect parents who value education, understand where their child is academically, and support everything the teacher does.
  • Being methodical in their approach, teachers want a system in place that supports what they are doing, provides suggestions for improvement and values their contributions to their school.
  • Teachers also have personal life much like us and they are real people. They make mistakes and they too have terrible days and good days.
  • Teachers do have favorites. They may not come out and say it, but there are those students, for whatever reason with whom you have a natural connection.
  • Teachers are continuously evolving and are always in search for better ways to reach their students.
  • Teachers are creative and original. No two teachers do things exactly alike. Even when they use another teacher’s ideas they often put their own spin on them.
  • Teachers get irritated with parents who do not deem education as a partnership between themselves and their child’s teachers.
  • Teachers are control freaks. They hate it when things do not go according to plan.

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