Best 5 effective ways to Overcome Teaching Challenges for a teacher


As a new teacher embarks on his teaching career he encounters scores of challenges. Each institution, department, college, and classroom may face a unique combination of challenges, but they fall into some categories. Check on campus policies, talk with colleagues, be creative and brainstorm with students.

Resource Availability

The availability of resources in institution differs widely. When interviewing, it is useful to ask about teaching resources that are significant to your style of teaching. These may include space, technology, models, laboratory supplies, simulations, library materials and specimens etc. Look for teaching support in the form of equipment, grants, mentoring and professional development activities.

Student skills

All faculty face students with a wide range of abilities, skills, and experiences. Being completely aware of the range and how to assist students to help them each learn is a characteristic of a seasoned instructor. There are counseling centers to assist students to address emotional issues that may hinder with learning. All the same, some skills are discipline-specific and need to be taught explicitly.

Student behavior

Though we consider college students as adults, their expectations for what is appropriate in a college classroom differs widely. New faculty members need to address behavior directly. Student issues may include: ethical dilemmas, plagiarism, disrespect, rudeness, interruptions or inattentiveness, lack of preparation for class etc.

Classroom environment

Many people share college classrooms and this multi-use situation can cause challenges. When class is scheduled to begin, equipment broken or malfunctioning, trash cans overflowing, the classroom may be occupied. You will never make out unless you ask, and do a bit of investigation. Sometimes the squeaky wheel does get the grease.

Issues of difference

University faculty members face many challenges that include ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation etc. However, university toils to stamp out these differences, yet some of the issues, faculties can remove on their own.

It is true that teachers face countless issues on their way to success but once they already have the knowledge of the possible impediments, they can prepare themselves better to surmount those barriers. Without having ample of knowledge of tips and techniques to weed out these obstacles, despite being endowed with countless skills, your teaching ambitions will ultimately bite the dust. So it is wise of teachers to know probe deep into the students’ behavior and teaching profession itself. Once you get a good fix on ways to manage problems you are encircled with, your teaching career will grow by leaps and bound.