Teaching is an Ultimate Way of Happiness


Teaching is an Ultimate Way to Happiness

Like many normal girls, I grew up with the little study and lots of enjoyment. I finished my graduation, and during my college, I found that my passion is teaching. But, due to some reasons I had to shift in Delhi and left teaching in few days, knowing that is was not the place I belong. In Delhi, I applied at an IT company and got a position as a content writer.

I was happy to have a good source of income and but also I was sad not to follow my passion. Yet, I was not ready to give up and leave my choice. So, I got an option to do what I like after teaching students in my free time after office hours.

Unique Things Brings Happiness to My Life

As a human being, there are many things that can make you happy. A person can be happy with the simple thing and another one will be happy only when his strong desire will be fulfilled. But, as a teacher, there is something unique that brings happiness to my life.

One of the thing that brings the smile on my face, when I see in the eyes of the student- their eyes speak, saying, I have understood what you have taught. This look gives me extreme happiness. I did never get this much happy even when I received my first salary in my company.

I’m Satisfied With My Life

Today, I’m satisfied with my life, working as a writer and able to enhance my writing as well as reading skill along with I’m giving tuitions in the home at free of cost to those students who are financially disturbed to afford the high fee.

So, at last, but not the least, I’m on the level of life, where money has become just to fulfill my requirement and after it, this is just a piece of paper in my life.

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