Book Review: A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking


Hardly, we can find any human who does not gravitate towards the endless universe or not amazed looking out at the cosmos. It is natural to become inquisitive and try to probe into the structure of which we are made of and how the same elements can bring forth so much diversity from grains of sands to massive stars.

Some people opt to look through the microscope, a few through the telescope while another few sit back in their armchairs and observe the world as it unfolds. First came the armchairs thinkers, they put forward many insightful ideas, some good and some bad. It has been constant endeavor of science to find a single theory which could explain everything- Stephen Hawking has been a strong advocator of this thought.

Stephen Hawking has attempted to explain the nature of our universe from the smallest particles to the biggest entities (Black Holes). Doing away all the abstruse concepts of mathematics, Stephen Hawking brought the treasures of science and the knowledge of the universe to a layman.

In his book, he takes us on a journey from the time of Aristotle and the world of that era that believed that Earth was the center of the universe to the modern age developments. It is a brief and enjoyable story of the science, the painstaking efforts on the part of philosophers and scientists to explicate the world as we see it.

First, he takes you to the tour of endless space. He sheds a light on the nature of the stars, their sizes, and their life. Our knowledge about the Sun has expanded and now, not conclusively but with a certain confidence, we can say what will become of our Sun, and when. While reading the book, you will be surprisingly amused to notice Stephen Hawking discussing the old tradition of watching the night skies and forming stories and superstitions about them. You will understand that how in absence of scientific, evidence we believe so firmly on the concepts of heaven and hell. Never before, you would have discerned so clearly how exactly Newton’s law of gravity or Einstein’s General Theory of relativity work.

He breaks our notions of absolutes and discussed how Einstein shook the world by showing that time is not absolute either and how everything in the world is altering this space time-fabric. Click the link below to understand more:

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