Differently-Abled, Technically-Skilled and World's best Teacher


Pradeep Negi, an economics, social science and computer science teacher at Government Inter College BHEL Ranipur in Haridwar, has been shortlisted for the annual Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize 2018 from over 30,000 entries and applications from 173 countries around the world. The Global Teacher Prize was set up to recognize one exceptional teacher every year who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession.

Building Blocks of His Life

If it is not surprising enough then the more inspirational news about him is yet to come. 49 year old, Mr. Negi, is the only Indian of 50 teachers under consideration for the title and he’s polio affected person. His polio was diagnosed at the age of two, doctors declared that his disability cannot be cured. Doctors suggested his parents that they just make sure he gets a good education and “it” will not matter. That’s what he did and did it marvelously. Because if lessons are learned by heart it will transform you into a good human being. Which is the most important element for a teacher.

Hard Work Pays

Students in the rural areas or small town are too poor to afford the books and uniform and the ways to teach them is a challenge. A lot of such kids have to work part-time to support families. Since he couldn’t stand for long hours he turned to technology for a solution. He uses computers, web, and internet to make education or course material interesting and easy to learn. Pradeep Negi teaches economics, social science and computer science Government Inter College BHEL Ranipur a small town Close to Haridwar, a Devotional hub in north India.

“When I was transferred to this school in 2008, there were only 80 students and now there are 400. I went from door to door requesting families to send their girls to the school. I have developed ways of interactive classroom training,” Say Negi.

He was chosen by the state government for a project with Microsoft. Then he became a master trainer for his colleagues at the school. He worked extra hard, even after his working hours for converting lessons into multimedia presentations, making slides out of key points and creating educational CDs.

By now he has helped and trains more than 1,200 teachers in his state. Taking notice of his incredible work the state bodies awarded him thrice. Well deserved a person who not just gathered the traditional education and he earned technical knowledge by practice also.

Train Your Body with the Mind

In a country where digital mediums of education have not flourished yet. Time has not come yet to become an E-educated generation, people like Mr. Pradeep Negi is trying hard to start this era in near surroundings. His physical disability has now become just a normal thing for his students, as he never let his inabilities to interfere with his learning as well as teaching practices. Just like Anand Kumar surpassed the language and financial barriers.