Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton Who's better Candidate?


According to me, this is a no brainer. From the perspective of India, Donald Trump is a way better candidate than Hillary Clinton.

We have to go back to when Bill Clinton was president. In the 80’s, India-US relations were not so great after India refused to offer support to the US in ending the Soviet Invasion in Afghan. Then came Bill in the 90’s and to an extent, Indo-US relations improved after significant efforts from both sides.

Under Atal Bihari Vajpayee, India was trying to get into an elite club of countries having nuclear-weapons and the US strongly condemned India’s efforts to test its nuclear weapons and voted for the UN resolution condemning the tests. Any other president would’ve done the same thing and it would be unfair to conclude Bill Clinton is against India. But then the list goes on.

During earlier times, of Kargil War, India had requested GPS access which was refused by the Clinton's administration. Though the Clinton administration was leaning towards Pakistan, one couold argue that their intention was to stop the two nuclear countries from nuking each othet and diffuse the tension between two states.

This article Anti-India from the ‘Indian Americans Against Hillary Clinton’ campaign lists a number of moves by the Clinton administration that were against India. Though the article is biased against Clinton and does not compare or talk about sanctions against India by other Presidents, some of the points mentioned there are enough to argue against Clinton.

The article also does not talk about how India-US relations improved during Clinton and how it led to the growth of IT in India. But the most important points to be noted in the article are the threats to the sovereignty of India and how Clinton administration endorsed the views of separatists both in Kashmir and Punjab about human rights violations and religious persecutions.

For ex,

Interestingly, Raphel was recently under the scanner for alleged spying. Pakistan lobbyist Robin Raphel under lens for alleged spying - Times of India


In this news release Commission Announces Hearings on Religious Freedom in India, Pakistan, the Clinton administration expresses concerns about religious freedom in India under the BJP government. The BJP govt in power will not be too sad about Clinton’s loss.

Now that we’ve briefly covered Bill Clinton’s presidency, it is safe to assume that Hillary Clinton’s policies will not be radically different from Bill Clinton’s. For example, Hillary can be perceived as Pro-Pakistan from this news report Presidential candidates debate Pakistan during the 2008 primaries where Hillary Clinton criticized Barack Obama for saying he would consider unilateral bombings of al-Qaida camps in Pakistan, with or without consent from Islamabad. Hillary Clinton also supported the ‘Get Modi’ campaign (Obama quietly reverses Hillary’s ‘get Modi’ policy). Though it is not Anti-India, the fact that Hillary tried to ‘get’ Modi, the current Prime Minister of India, will not go down well with him.

Lets talk about Donald J Trump. His campaign manager Kelly Conway says Trump will respect India’s sovereignty and customs. 'Trump Will Be Very Respectful Of India's Sovereignty': Campaign Chief - Indian Defence Research Wing

Trump is Anti-Jihad and he has vowed to stop ISIS and other Jihadi elements to curb international terrorism. He is also openly Anti-Pakistan. For example,

Though India will not be thrilled with the idea of POTUS supporting nuclear weapons in other Asian countries, India will be more than happy if POTUS cuts aids and imposes sanctions on Pakistan. Trump said he will be really tough on China and he had promised to impose a tariff on Chinese imports. China will retaliate, but India could make use of this and try to close the huge gap between India and China. Trump is expected to reform H1B system and impose trade sanctions which will affect a great deal of Indian citizens trying to move to the US and will also impact the IT industry in India. But personally, I feel this will have a positive impact in the long run and we will need our best minds to create more employment opportunities in India.

Shalli Kumar, an Indian American, donated generously to Trump’s campaign and brought him to Hindu-Republican coalition’s event where Trump spoke highly of Modi and India. He also said India and the Hindu community in America will have a true friend in the white house. He spoke of his investments in India and how he was confident about India and its future. Though we must not take this at face value, the positive view that Trump has about India is definitely not bad for India.

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