Elevate Your Mood With Right Smartphone Apps


The article talks about how the right smartphone apps can be useful in elevating a person's mood. It also talks about how apps help in warding off depression.

Researchers said that not every app is effective, but some phone apps can help ward off depression symptoms when used as "integrated medicine".

They have also affirmed that smartphone apps are an effective treatment option for depression, a finding which may pave the way for accessible and safe interventions for the millions of people with the mental disorder. The results showed that smartphones open up self-managing and non-stigmatizing avenues of care for the people with depression because smartphones can help them, monitor, understand and manage their own mental health.

Lead author Joseph Firth, postdoctoral research fellow at Australia’s National Institute of Complementary Medicine (NICM) said that in developed countries, the majority of people own smartphones including the younger generation who are increasingly affected by depression.

Bringing down the economic and societal burden of depression worldwide, smartphone devices may eventually be capable of providing instantly accessible and highly effective treatments for depression. Importantly, no difference was found in apps which apply principles of mindfulness compared to mood monitoring programmes or cognitive behavioral therapy. Apps, which are used as an “integrative medicine” approach, can be particularly useful for improving mood and tackling symptoms in patients with a range of mental health symptoms and conditions including mild to moderate depression, insomnia, bipolar disorder, anxiety and major depression, the researchers said in the paper published in the journal World Psychiatry.

This article talked about how some apps can be helpful in elevating mood.